Financial Aid To Do Items

Special reminders about aid, eRefunds and FAFSA
January 20, 2021

As your student begins the Spring 2021 semester, it’s important that they remember to log in and check their To Do Items on AccessStout’s Student Center page. To Do Items can be found in the right margin of the Student Center page.

Some To Do’s are steps to take to receive financial aid

Our Financial Aid office has some reminders if your student is receiving financial aid:

  • Financial aid begins to be applied to their Stout student account on the tenth day of classes. Some students believe refunds go to their bank accounts that day, but that is the day the process begins to post financial aid onto their Stout student accounts.
  • Financial aid reduces the balance that students owe to the University. If your student’s bill is completely paid, any additional financial aid is refunded via eRefund. If your student has an eRefund bank account specified, there is no need to follow up on that. If they have not set one up, there is a link how to do that in their To Do Items.
  • After financial aid posts to their Stout student account, if your student still has a remaining balance, that is due March 3, 2021. The bill is due in full on that day. It is good to check on the Stout student account balance owed before and after financial aid posts. That way your student will know if they have some more to pay or if they are expecting an eRefund.

FAFSA for Next Fall

There’s still plenty of time for your student to complete their FAFSA for the 2021-22 academic year.

It's helpful to submit your FAFSA by March 15 to give our office time to follow up on any questions before processing award information in June. By giving us plenty of time for review, we’re better able to help your student reach their academic goals.

Our Financial Aid office is here to help with any questions and has resources to help with additional loan options to help with finances. Student Business Services has information on the various payment methods we accept.

You may reach our office at 715-232-1363 or via email at