Explore the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Encourage Your Student to Study Abroad
November 25, 2019

With winter break on its way (we know…how did that get here so fast?!?!), now is the perfect time to explore an opportunity for your student to distinguish themselves in a way that will impact them for a lifetime.

Study Abroad

No matter where your student is at in their college career, the Office of International Education (OIE) has more than 200 programs for a variety of majors, durations and budgets.

While the benefits of studying abroad are endless, one of the most common myths is that it’s too expensive.  Parents and families are often surprised to find out that in some cases, it can be the same (or even cheaper) as studying at Stout.  Between financial aid and scholarships, there are affordable options that allow your student to gain global experience.  

To best help your student explore their options, it’s important to understand the process. The OIE has many family resources to help guide you through this journey. We invite you to take some time over winter break to explore studying abroad with your student.  Applications for summer, fall and academic year programs are due March 1, 2020.  

And if you're looking for a holiday gift for your student, a great way for them to save money for their study abroad experience is to crowdfund. GoEnnounce.com and Fundmytravel.com are crowdfunding sites with study abroad missions.

You never know where Stout could take them in the world until you take that first step.  And who knows, perhaps you’ll gain a vacation out of the deal at the same time.