Does Your Student Need Help Navigating College?

TRIO Student Support Services is here to help.
TRIO students at the outdoor adventures area at UW-Stout. Photo taken pre-COVID.
March 18, 2021

UW-Stout’s TRIO Student Support Services strives to increase the good academic standing, retention and graduation rates of eligible students. Funded by federal TRIO grants, we provide free supplemental academic support and services for up to 430 participants each year.

Student participants have access to: 

  • A dedicated TRIO SSS advisor to assist with Individual Student Success Plan goals
  • Tuition waived, 1-credit courses in Strategies for Academic Success and Strategies for Successful Career Development
  • Financial literacy coaching, including assistance completing the FAFSA, scholarship workshops, budgeting and reducing student loan debt
  • Individual peer tutoring and meetings with our Writing and Math Specialist staff
  • Peer Coaches who help lead individual and group meetings and events for new students
  • Career exploration and development, including free assessments, resume writing assistance and coaching
  • Personal, intercultural and leadership development opportunities
  • Graduate school preparation 
  • Monthly TRIO SSS workshops, events and activities
  • TRIO SSS Living Community floor in the residence halls
Student Support Services | 60 Seconds or Less / UW-Stout


We are currently accepting applications.

Your undergraduate student may apply to the TRIO Student Support Services program if they fall within at least one of these three categories:

  • They are a first-generation student. A first-generation student is defined as:
    • A student whose natural or adoptive parents haven’t received a bachelor’s degree.
    • A student who, prior to the age of 18, regularly resided with and received support from only one parent who did not receive a bachelor’s degree.
    • Or, a student who, prior to the age of 18, did not regularly reside with or receive support from a natural or adoptive parent.
  • They meet the federal low-income criteria.
  • They are a student with a documented disability and are connected with UW-Stout Disability Services.

Does your first-year or transfer student want to get a jump start on their first year? We’re accepting applications for fall 2021!

Interested in our tuition waived courses? Your student’s first year advisor can help, or contact our office at 715-232-5180 or to obtain registration codes for TRIO SSS courses.

Early Bridge Program

For up to forty incoming first-year students who are accepted into TRIO SSS, we offer the opportunity to be part of our free Early Bridge Program.

What do students do in Early Bridge?

Students participate in an academic preparation course.
Students participate in an academic preparation course. Photo taken pre-COVID. / UW-Stout
  • Move into the residence halls one week early
  • Meet other new SSS students
  • Learn where campus resources are at
  • Tour where their classes are located
  • Get their textbooks early
  • Attend leadership workshops
  • Connect to TRIO SSS math and writing support
  • Meet their SSS advisor and complete the Individual Student Success Plan
  • Peer Mentor activities
  • Start TRDIS 120 Strategies for Academic Success course

If your student is interested in Early Bridge, they need to first apply to join TRIO SSS. Once accepted, they can apply to Early Bridge.