Career Clusters Can Help Your Student Discover Their Path

6 short videos that make the search easier
UW-Stout's Career Clusters make your student's search for the right degree easier.
March 8, 2021

UW-Stout’s Career Clusters help simplify your student’s search for the perfect major.

Career Clusters group similar majors that lead to careers with parallel skillsets and interest areas. Your student may be familiar with the idea of clusters from career exploration activities provided by their career or guidance counselor.

What are your student's interests and career goals?

Do they love STEM? Do they want to be a teacher? Are they a creative designer, strong communicator or natural leader? Here's what our Blue Devils have to say about their Career Clusters.

Photo collage of students representing UW-Stout's Career Clusters.
What are your student's interests? / UW-Stout

Career Cluster Videos


Is your student undecided? That's OK. Deciding on a career path can be challenging. Up to 80% of students entering college admit they are uncertain about what they want to major in.

We provide our undecided students with a variety of ways to help make their search easier. If your student is undecided, they can work with an academic advisor to explore Career Clusters, their interests and abilities.