Back in the Swing of Things for Spring Semester

Advice from the Dean of Students
Sandra Scott | January 24, 2020

Perhaps you noticed a change in your student when they were home for the semester break. Coming off a semester of making their own decisions, choosing how to spend their time, and navigating their conflicts, can sometimes be challenging for parents and families.

As a parent of a college freshman just two years ago, I remember thinking, “When did they start to think they were in charge?”

Of course, every family is different, but the newfound independence some first-year students relish in can create challenges during long breaks at home. Fortunately, the familial conflict is typically short-lived and manageable.

By now, your student is back into the swing of things for their second semester of their first year. They survived the fall semester and are ready to no longer be “the freshman who doesn’t know anything.” Rest assured, they still need you, your support, and your guidance.

Here are just a few ways you can continue to support your student as they complete the spring semester of their first year:

Snow falls on campus Friday, February 24, 2017.
  • Remind your student of the offices on campus that offer support, including emotional support, academic support, and personal support. If your student is unsure about which office can best help them, they can always contact the Dean of Students. We’re happy to help!
  • Some students end up on academic probation after their first semester. Probation is a wake-up call for a student, and they should seek help early if they recognize they are struggling academically. Some resources on campus include The Writing Center and The Math Teaching and Learning Center.
  • Winter typically brings cold and flu season. Student Health Services, located on North campus, is available to students during business hours, with services similar to any urgent care center. If your student has been sick for a few days and is not getting better, encourage them to contact Student Health Services and set up an appointment.
  • If your student didn’t find their “Pick One” in the fall semester, encourage them to find one thing to connect them to campus beyond their coursework. Involvement can make a difference in your student’s overall satisfaction and sense of belonging on campus.

The spring semester flies by quickly. Before you know it, your student will be home for spring break. And then it’s finals, and they are sophomores. Don’t worry. They’ll still need you then too!