"It’s been awesome to bring all that I learned about program evaluation, problem solving and analysis, research methodologies, surveying, focus group facilitation and data analysis to what I’m doing these days. ... The foundations of the program really do apply in so many areas."

Emma Ericksen

"Professors in the program are very knowledgeable and helpful. They act as great advisers, adjusting curriculum to the knowledge level and interests of the class."

Evan Buhr

"The Program Evaluation concentration greatly enhanced my critical thinking and problem solving abilities, as well as further developing my social science research and data analysis skills."

Allison L. Bol
Healthcare Analyst
Mayo Clinic Global Products and Services

"The applied background of the Master of Science in Applied Psychology program has given me 'real world' experience to be effective in career endeavors."

Dan Regnier

The project-based curriculum helped me understand the relationships between research design, statistics, and program evaluation, and how they can be used to improve both organizations and interventions."

John LaVelle  

"Fostering ingenuity in students and developing their abilities are the key components of this program. It is a stellar educational opportunity that prepares you for success in the workplace."

Alisha J. Cora
Director of Grants, Northwestern College

“In business, work is team-based, UW-Stout’s cohort model mimicked that reality and prepared me for a real business setting. Honestly, I use my education every day, because I was taught how to think, not what to think. “

Laura Madsen