To help defray some of the cost of graduate education, we highly suggest you apply for a graduate assistantship. There are two different types of graduate assistantship positions: Campuswide (general) and Psychology Department (psychology specific) assistantships. There are three ways one can obtain a graduate assistantship:

  1. Applying for a graduate assistantship position listed on the Graduate School website: This site lists positions from across the university and is available to all graduate students on campus. To access the positions listed on this site, you will need your UW-Stout username and password provided to you upon your acceptance into the university (see your Graduate School admittance letter for more information). To apply for one of these positions, you will need to complete the application form as indicated on the website.

  2. Applying for a graduate assistantship position offered by the Psychology Department. These are typically not posted on the Graduate School’s website and are first offered to Applied Psychology graduate students. These positions typically have greater relevance to the professional careers of Applied Psychology students than those listed on the Graduate School website; they often involve being a teaching assistant for an undergraduate psychology course. The program administrative assistant, Linda Dahl, will send information on these positions and directions as to how to apply for them to you when they become available.

  3. Applying for a non-Psychology department graduate assistantship position for which MSAP students are specifically requested. Each year, multiple department/units on campus have positions available which they would like to fill with an Applied Psychology student. Past examples include the Research Services office; the Student Research Journal editor; the Affirmative Action Office; Office of Planning, Assessment, Research and Quality (PARQ); Career Services; Counseling Center; Discovery Center; and the Provost’s Office. These positions are typically related to the professional careers of Applied Psychology students, as they often involve data gathering and analysis. As we are contacted by these units, we immediately forward the request to all program students. You will be included on such e-mail lists. To apply for these positions, follow the directions provided on the forwarded e-mail.