Why do you want a minor in Spanish?

You have your own personal reasons for wanting to learn Spanish. Each person's motivations are different. They may include:

  • Business
  • Heritage
  • Friendship
  • Service to Others
  • Travel
  • Participating in American Diversity
  • Communications Media
  • Art and Music

For most people, career opportunity enhancement is an important reason to study Spanish. Career-oriented programs at UW-Stout that relate particularly to Spanish include:

  • International Business
  • International Studies Specialization
  • Education Degree Programs
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management
  • Dietetics
  • Professional Communication and Emerging Media

Your program adviser can offer you additional advice on the importance of Spanish in your chosen career.

Academic Requirements

Basic Goals The study of Spanish involves developing skills in speaking, understanding spoken Spanish, writing clearly and correctly, understanding material that you read, and interpreting cultural characteristics found in many countries. Earning a minor in Spanish requires that your skills in these five areas reach a significant level, so that you will be able to use Spanish comfortably in a variety of practical settings.

The Need for Fluency As the Spanish-speaking population of the United States and the world grows, Spanish will become an increasingly useful tool in the workplace and in social settings. The more fluent you become, the more effectively you will be able to use your Spanish.

Upper Level Courses Upper level courses of the Spanish minor will help you attain a good level of proficiency in conversational Spanish as well as develop your ability to comprehend the written Spanish you may encounter in work related correspondence or information sources such as newspapers or the Internet. You are encouraged to take a literature course and a cinema course to become more sensitive to cultural issues.  You will develop the ability to interpret nuances of language, whether spoken or written.

Study Abroad Although study abroad is not required for the Spanish minor at UW-Stout, it is strongly encouraged.  You should work with the Office of International Education and the Spanish area to find a program that offers courses that correspond to your level of progress. UW-Stout has transfer agreements with programs in many countries either during the academic year or in the summer.

Where to Begin  Students with previous experience in Spanish should take a placement test or talk to the Spanish area to find out about skipping over beginning courses.  Retroactive credit may be available to students entering at a course beyond the first quarter or semester.

Minor Requirements

  • Electives
    4-6 credits must be earned in courses that correspond to two areas from the following list:
    • SPAN-3XX Business Spanish, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Spanish Phonetics, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Studies in Spanish Culture, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Studies in Latin American Culture, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Studies in Spanish Literature, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Studies in Latin American Literature, 2-3 cr.
    • SPAN-3XX Advanced Conversation and Composition, 2-3 cr.

On campus electives include:

  • SPAN-304 Latin American Short Story
    (equivalent to studies in Latin American Literature) 2 cr.
  • SPAN-318 Cinema for Spanish Proficiency
    (equivalent to Advanced Conversation and Composition) 2 cr.


For more information, contact:

Kevin Anzzolin, Minor Adviser
74H Harvey Hall
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790
Phone:  715-232-1257
Email:  anzzolink@uwstout.edu

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor, complete the "Applying for a Minor" survey online, and you will be given further instructions. Once this has been processed you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Advisement Center.