Sara Turansky

Office: 140 Vocational Rehabilitation

Office: (706) 830-0374

Sara Turansky teaches EDUC 659 Methods for Teaching Middle School Math, EDUC 648 Math Assessment for Response to Intervention (RtI), and EDUC 661 Advanced Trends and Issues in PK-5 Mathematics Teaching.

Sara has been using online elements in her classes since 2002 and has been teaching online for the past ten years. As a powerful role model, Ms. Turansky uses web-­based technology to provide opportunities for intellectually stimulating discussions in her online classes while encouraging individuals to share different ideas and understandings. Her ability to energize and inspire diverse online audiences fosters a cooperative learning environment among students in her courses.

Ms. Turansky graduated magna cum laude from Western Michigan University and earned a Master of Arts in Education with concentration in mathematics education. She completed a second Masters degree in Online Teaching and Learning from California State University/Hayward in 2003.

As well as designing and teaching the above courses for UW­-Stout, Sara has created and instructed advanced math courses for gifted middle school students for Northwestern University, and helped students make the transition to online learning at American Intercontinental University.

With over thirty years’ experience teaching math from elementary through college with a special love for the middle school level and having taught in the U.S., as well as overseas, Sara has familiarity with world­wide mathematics programs at the K­-12 level. During her tenure at the United Arab Emirates (UAE) University, Sara led the writing team as editor for the mathematics textbooks created for future math teachers, as well as specially designed curriculum for the (UAE) K-­12 population. She assisted school districts with math performance assessment and engaged in joint planning for the professional development of math educators.

At the American Community School of Abu Dhabi, she shared knowledge of the Common Core State Standards and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards, as the middle school math representative in the curriculum writing committee. Sara has a strong background identifying appropriate curriculum resources and assisting with mathematics curriculum delivery.

Enjoy Sara's personalized attention, coaching, and feedback and gain from an experienced online instructor by participating in this online course, or if you choose to pursue the Math Specialist Graduate Certificate

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