Wendy Stary

Wendy Stary

Office: 228D Jarvis Hall- Tech Wing
Phone: 715/232-1161
Email: staryw@uwstout.edu


In progress - Ph.D. Education in Work and Human Resources, est. 2012, University of Minnesota

M. S. Manufacturing Engineering, 2008, University of Wisconsin-Stout

B. S. Manufacturing Engineering, 2001, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Research Interests

Sustainability in Plastics

Plastics Engineering Education

Women in ENgineering

Courses Taught

PLE-210: Introduction to Injection Molding

MFGT-150 Introduction to Engineering Materials

MFGT-251 Fundamentals of Plastics and Plastic Processes (formerly Polymer and Composite Processes)

MECH-291: Mechanics of Materials

MFGE-275: Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer