Scott L Springer

Professor, University of Wisconsin- Stout
Engineering & Technology Department
College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Office: 172C Jarvis Hall-Technology Wing
Phone: 715-232-2162

Research Interests: Advanced Manufacturing: Investigation and development of improvements for direct digital manufacture by additive processes. Current projects aim to improve equipment, process, and artifact properties for fused deposition method of manufacture. Alternative Energy Technologies: Research, design, manufacture, and evaluation of technologies to utilize fossil fuel alternatives for internal combustion engine and transportation applications. Utilize undergraduate students to develop and improve prototype apparatus and to conduct experimental performance evaluations. Haptic Interfaces: Research focused toward the development of human touch based computer and robot interfaces. Such devices employ the highly developed human sense of touch to augment typical graphical interfaces. Current student project in development of master-slave real time controlled industrial robot as part of RD 320 course.

Professional Interests: Applied Mechanical Design and Product Development: Assist entrepreneurs and businesses transform ideas into profitable products. Previous projects have been done as independent consultant and as course integrated undergraduate learning experiences, depending on clients’ needs. Loading Dock Equipment Research in the loading dock industry involves product development for improved safety and productivity and evaluation of existing facilities, equipment, and procedures. I have achieved national recognition as expert witness in litigation regarding dock leveler design, manufacturing, maintenance, operation and intellectual property issues.


    • Ph D Mechanical Engineering
      University of Wisconsin- Madison
      Madison, WI, 1999
    • MS Mechanical Engineering
      University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
      Milwaukee, WI, 1994
    • BS Mechanical Engineering
      University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee
      Milwaukee, WI, 1987

Licensures and Certifications

  • Professional Engineer:

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin- Stout
        2009 -
      • UW Stout, Engineering and Technology Department
        Interim Department Chair
        2011 - 2011
      • University of Wiscosnin-Stout, B.S. Engineering Technology Program
        Program Director
        2007 - 2008
      • University of Wisconsin- Stout
        Associate Professor
      • University of Wiscosnin-Stout, B.S. in Industrial Technology
        Program Director
        2001 - 2006
      • University of Wisconsin- Stout
        Assistant Professor
      • Milwaukee School of Engineering


      • RITE-HITE Corporation
        Project Manager of Research and Development
      • Advanced Power Systems, INC.
      • Turbine Consultants, INC.
        Mechanical Engineer

Intellectual Contributions

    Conference Proceeding

    • Springer, S. L., Asthana, R., Johnson, J. E., & Stradins, L. U. (2013). Academic Endowments and Focused Learning: Initial Experiences within a Manufacturing Engineering Program. , ASEE North Midwest Section.
    • Springer, S. L. (2013). Performance of Alternative Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines. , ASEE Conference for Industry and Education Collaboration (CIEC).
    • Springer, S. L., Schultz, J., Stradins, L. U., & Stary, W. R. (Accepted). Design and Manufacture of Polymer Components for an Ink Pen: an Example of Project Based Curriculum in Engineering Technology at UW-Stout. , ASEE North Midwest Section Conference on Active Learning in Engineering Education.
    • Springer, S. L., Stradins, L. U., & Lorenzen, M. D. (2009). The Capstone Experience for UW Stout Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering. , Proceedings of the Polytechnic University Summit.
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    • Springer, S. L., & Gadh, R. (1997). Haptic Feedback for Virtual Reality Computer-Aided-Design. .
    • Springer, S. L., & Gadh, R. (1996). Virtual Reality Hardware Devices for Computer-Aided-Design. .
    • Springer, S. L., Dhingra, A., & (1996). Overcoming Critical Speed Limitations in Drive Screw Systems. .

    Journal Article

    • Springer, S. L., & Ferrier, N. (2002). Design and Control of a Force-Reflecting Haptic Interface for Teleoperational Grasping. ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 124(2), 277-283.
    • Springer, S. L., & Dhinga, A. (1998). A Novel Design Methodology for High Performance Drive Screw Actuators. ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, 120(1), 80-83.
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    • Christie, D., Schultz, F. S., Fox, J., Springer, S. L., Asthana, R., Nold, S. C., Olson, D., & Amoapim, J. (January 19, 2005). How Will Nanotechnology Affect Me and My Course?. UW-Stout Professional Development Events, Menomonie, WI, United States.

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research

    Sponsored Research

    • Springer, S. L. Alternative Fuel Engine Test Equipment. $20000.
    • Springer, S. L., & Johnson, J. E. Fused Deposition Method Rapid Prototype Apparatus. $34850.
    • Springer, S. L. Experimental Investigation of Human Computer Interface Employing Force Reflecting Haptic Display. Sponsored by UW Stout, $8000.


    • Springer, S. L., & Rothaupt, R. Distance Delivery Engineering Technology. Sponsored by UW System, $150000.
    • Springer, S. L., Johnson, J. E., & Meyer, R. Midwest Digital Fabrication Partnership. Sponsored by NSF, $425000.
    • Springer, S. L. COBE Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology continued funding. Sponsored by UW System.
    • Springer, S. L. COBE funding for developing partnerships with the Wisconsin Technical College System. Sponsored by UW System.


    • Springer, S. L., & Roiter, J. Online Course Development. Sponsored by UW Stout, $3000.

Intellectual Property


    • Springer, S. L., (2004). Fishing Information Device and Method of Using the Same.
    • Springer, S. L., (2004). Vehicle Restraining Device .
    • Springer, S. L., (2003). Fishing Information Device and Method of Using the Same .
    • Springer, S. L., (2003). Manually Positioned Wheel Chocking Apparatus .
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    • Springer, S. L., (1994). Releasable Locking Device.

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • Fulton and Edna Holtby Endowed Manufacturing Engineering Senior Chair, UW Stout Foundation (July 2015)
    • Sabbatical, UW Stout (2013)
    • G. A. Taft Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, UW Stout Foundation (2006)
    • Maybelle Ranney Price Professor, UW Stout Foundation (2006)
    • Sabbatical, UW Stout (2006)


    • Tenure to the University of Wisconsin- Stout, (2005)