David L Seim

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Stout
Social Sciences Department
College of Arts, Communications, Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: 445D Harvey Hall
Phone: 715-232-1406
Email: seimd@uwstout.edu
Personal website: www.routledge.com/products/9781138662209

Brief Biography

I was born in Boston in the fall. Since then, I had great good fortune to be drawn into history of social science by a series of wonderful advisors, both informally and formally - thank you to John Muth, Arlen W. Langvardt, Cass Sunstein, J. Ron Stanfield, David B. Wilson, and Hamilton Cravens. I owe to each of you my ongoing effort to serve the best that historians of social science can achieve for all humankind.

Teaching Interests: I suppose my teaching philosophy is this: that everyone of us, students and myself, have more potential in us than we yet recognize, or perhaps can even begin to believe. This supposition is why I teach. I teach in the hope that each student - even if they might not immediately know it - may find their life is made more meaningful through some idea that came through engagement with my course. I hope as well to contribute to raising our collective critical engagement with the greatest experiment in the history of social science: that we give from each according to his or her ability, to all of us in our shared experience in self-government.


Current Responsibilities: Hist-210, Modern World History; Hist-240, History and Politics of Africa; Hist-390, History of Science & Technology; Hist-391, History of Social Science & Race; Hist-392, History of Mad Science; Pols-250, History of Race, Politics, and Technology; Pols-260, Problems of U.S. Foreign Policy; Educ-211, Fab Lab & Society; Hist-120, Early U.S. History; Hist-121, Modern U.S. History. I have taught numerous other courses as well over the last ten years - please feel welcome to ask me about these.

Office Hours

Day Time
Mo We Fr 12:15 - 3:15


    • Ph D History of Technology and Science
      Iowa State University
      Ames, IA, United States, 2007
    • MA History
      Iowa State University
      Ames, IA, United States, 2001
    • MA History of Economics
      Colorado State University
      Fort Collins, CO, United States, 1996
    • AM Social Sciences
      University of Chicago
      Chicago, IL, United States, 1992
    • BS Business Administration
      Indiana University
      Bloomington, IN, United States, 1988

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin - Stout
        Associate Professor
        2014 -
      • University of Wisconsin - Stout
        Assistant Professor
        2009 - 2014
      • Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
        Visiting Assistant Professor
        2008 - 2009
      • Texas A&M University - College Station
        Visiting Assistant Professor
        2007 - 2008
      • Simpson College - Indianola, IA
        Adjunct Professor
        2003 - 2008
      • Iowa State University
        Teaching Assistant & Lecturer
        2000 - 2006

Intellectual Contributions


    • Seim, D. (2015). Spirit in the Machine: Readings in the History of Social Science. , San Diego: Cognella. .
    • Seim, D. (2013). Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Social Science. , London: Pickering & Chatto (Second printing, Paperback: New York: Routledge/Taylor and Francis).

    Journal Article

    • Seim, D. (2015). "Letter to the Editor". American Historical Review, 120(1), 393-4.
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    Book, Chapter

    • Seim, D. (2012). "Objectivity vs. Advocacy: Newspaper Rhetoric during the ‘Bemis Affair’ and the ‘Oleomargarine Controversy’". , 335-344, Ames, IA.



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    Session Chair

    • Seim, D. (2014). "Commentary on Music in the Sciences". History of Science Society, Chicago, IL, United States.
    • Seim, D. (June 22, 2014). "Commentary on History of Psychology". Cheiron: International Society for the History of the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Frederic, MD, United States.


    • Seim, D. (June 27, 2013). "Focus Group – Teaching World History in the Digital Age". , Minneapolis, MN, United States.


    • Seim, D. (June 19, 2013). . National Institute on the Assessment of Adult Learning, Atlantic City, United States.

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research


    • Zagorski, K., & Seim, D. 2011) Curricular Incubation Grant: History and Politics of Africa. Sponsored by UW-Stout Curricular Incubation Center, $1759 (Funded).



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