Communications Building, Soils Test

Communications Building Project
Soil Testing and Plans


One of the workers is discussing the use of the nuclear densometer for measuring soil compaction.  All workers that use this device must be certified.


The nuclear densometer device is taking a reading off the pavement.  The white colored paraffin block on the right side of the picture is used to calibrate the device.


Close-up of the nuclear densometer.


Poured, reinforced, concrete foundation used for the communications building.  Soil exploration found a layer of previously disturbed soil with a substantial amount of wood chips suggesting the area was used during the lumber days of the 1800's.  This forced the project to excavate this layer and bring in a more suitable soil for compaction and settlement control.


A worker is demonstrating the proper technique for making a hole so that the nuclear densometer can make a direct transmission measurement of soil density.


The worker is inserting the radioactive source into the hole to take a measurement.