bob oliver

Bob Oliver

Business Growth Advisor
Discovery Center

Office: 278 Jarvis Hall- Tech Wing
Phone: 715/232-2589


  • B.S Electrical Engineer, University of Wisconsin – Platteville
  • Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt – Rockwell Automation
  • Certified Innovation Engineering Blackbelt - Eureka! Ranch 

Areas of Expertise

Bob is an electrical engineer with 29 years of experience in Manufacturing, Development, Project Management, and Operations Management. He is a trained Lean Master and certified Six Sigma Blackbelt from Rockwell Automation and has his Innovation Engineering Blackbelt, Growth Coach Certificate from the Eureka! Ranch. He has worked in several industries including automotive, biomedical, supercomputer, software, industrial components, and metal fabrication.

Bob helps companies improve their bottom line and build wealth by concentrating on process improvements and developing innovative products and services.


Innovation Engineering Workshop

Innovation Engineering is a reliable way to build a culture of innovation. It transforms innovation from a random event to a reliable, scientific system that increases innovation speed up to 6x and decreases risk anywhere from 30 to 80%. Using this approach, companies are realizing 250% improvement in the success of the ideas they put into development and insuring future growth by creating a pipeline of ideas and a culture of behaviors that move innovation. See this testimonial from DR Power's CEO, Joe Perrotto.


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