Student projects

Students in the Lean Manufacturing Systems class complete facilities design and implementation plans to design a factory in another country.  Students work jointly with local students from the selected country.  In past years, students worked with Kifas Ortopedik company in Ankara, Turkey.  International faculty interested in collaboration are encouraged to contact me.

Courses taught at Stout 

  • INMGT-200 Production/Operations Management
  • INMGT-300 Engineering Economics (web-based course)
  • INMGT-335 Lean Manufacturing Systems Design
  • INMGT-350 Facilities Planning
  • INMGT-662 Global Manufacturing Study Tour
  • INMGT-700 Organizational Research Methods
  • INMGT-710 Seminar in Technology Management
  • INMGT-740 Introduction to Decision Theory
  • MFGE-440 Manufacturing Systems Simulation

Sample courses taught at other universities 

  • Engineering Statistics I and II
  • Production and Inventory Control
  • Work Design
  • Operations Research
  • Systems Simulation I and II
  • Systems Design I and II