Daniel Krenzer

School of Education

Office: 240G Heritage Hall
Phone: 715/232-1326
Email: krenzerd@uwstout.edu


Assistant Professor with the M.S.ED/Ed.S School Psychology Program

2003 B.S.-Psychology & Sociology: Western Carolina University

2007 M.S.- Educational Psychology: Mississippi State University

2012 Ph.D.- School Psychology: Mississippi State University

Research Interests

Concussion and brain injury

Cognitive abilities and the relationship to reading and math

Applied Behavior Analysis in the schools

Single subject design methodology


Courses Taught

Psycho-educational Disabilities 

Psychometric Theory and Application

Behavior Interventions in Schools

Supervision of Practicum 

Advocating for the Student Athlete

This is a new class that I helped develop in collaboration with the School Counseling Program. This class will focus on student athletes as a special population. Will discuss identity of an athlete, post high school planning, managing injuries in school (especially concussion), development of emotional and academic support plans for these students.  

I would really like to work towards a greater understanding of integrating neuropsychology in the schools, to better understand the cognitive processes that contribute to learning. 

 Work and Research Interests:

Lately, I have become interested in studying concussion, especially its impact on school performance. I am interested in figuring out ways, other than computer based testing, that can be used to monitor the recovery from concussion. 

Another interest of mine, is to study specific cognitive abilities and their relation to reading and math. Does the ability to plan or process information in a sequential manner matter in when learning basic arithmetic?

I am also interested in implementation of behavioral interventions in classrooms. 

Applied School Psychology Experience 
I have been able to do school psychology in Mississippi, Illinois, Colorado and now in Wisconsin. 

APA Accredited Internship
Illinois School Psychology Internship Consortium

Select Publications
Devlin, S.D., Krenzer, D.J., & Edwards, J. (2009). Collaboration Among Grandparents and Professionals with Discrete Trial Training in the Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury, Journal of Physical Disabilities: Education and Related Services, 27 (2).

Doggett, R. A., Sheperis, C. J., & Krenzer, D. J. (2009). Book Chapter: Development and Implementation of Behavioral Interventions in Schools: A Function-Based Approach. Professional School Counseling: A Handbook of Theories, Programs, and Practices. 

Select Presentations 
Krenzer, D.J. (November, 2012). Classroom Based Behavioral Intervention:  Considering the Issue of Treatment Integrity. Accepted paper presentation at the annual meeting of the Colorado Society for School Psychologist. Beaver Creek, Co. 

Krenzer, D. J. (November, 2011). Alternative Schools: Constructing Behavioral Response to Intervention. Accepted Paper presentation at the annual meeting for the Colorado Society for School Psychologist. Beaver Creek, Co.

Krenzer, D.J. & Connor, W. (January, 2010). Skills Social Skills: Screening, Intervention, and Teacher Acceptability. Accepted Poster presentation at the annual meeting for the Illinois School Psychologists Association. Peoria, Il. 

Krenzer, D.J. & Henington, C. (February, 2009). Using the PASS Model of Cognitive Processing to Explain Math Calculation Performance. Accepted Poster presentation at the annual meeting for the National Association for School Psychologists. Boston, MA. 

2010 Early Career Award from the Colorado Society for School Psychologists to support establishing Behavioral RtI and progress monitoring systems within an alternative school 

Personal Interests
Exercising, most outdoor activities, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, hanging out with my wife and taking my two Great Pyrenees on adventures