Anne K Hoel Dr.

Professor, University of Wisconsin - Stout
Adjunct Professor, Cardinal Stritch University
Business Department
College of Management

Office: 315 Jarvis Hall-Science Wing
Phone: 715-232-1109

Teaching Interests: Management, Ethics, Strategy, Leadership

Research Interests: Mentoring, Sustainability, Organizational Culture, Appreciative Inquiry

Professional Interests: Management Mentoring, Text Editing

Class Schedule

Fall 2015

Course Section Days Time Location
BUMGT-235 001 Mo We Fr 08:00 - 08:55 JHSW343
BUMGT-304 003 Mo We Fr 09:05 - 10:00 MICH290
BUMGT-490 900 Online
BUMGT-760 900 Online


    • Ed D Educational Policy Administration
      University of Minnesota
      Minneapolis, MN, 2005
    • MS Management
      Cardinal Stritch University
      Milwaukee, WI, 1993
    • BS Sociology
      St. Cloud State University
      St. Cloud, MN, 1990

Courses Taught

  • BUMGT-235 Management Ethics
  • BUMGT-304 Principles of Management
  • BUMGT-490 Strategic Mgmt & Bus Policy
  • BUMGT-499 Independent Study
  • BUMGT-760 Strategic Planning&Deployment
  • INMGT-735 Prob in Technology Management
  • SMGT-115 Environm Science & Sust
  • SMGT-230 Bottom Line Accounting for Mgr
  • SMGT-235 Econ in Society & Sustainabil
  • SMGT-240 Tech Writing for Sust Mgmt
  • SMGT-315 Global Environmental Chem
  • SMGT-320 Energy for Sust Mgmt
  • SMGT-325 Natural Resource Mgmt
  • SMGT-332 Econ of Environment Sustainabl
  • SMGT-360 Environ & Sust Policy
  • SMGT-430 Intl Mgmt Sustainable World

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin - Stout, Department of Business, College of Management
        2001 - Present
      • Cardinal Stritch University
        Adjunct Professor
        1998 - Present
      • University of Wisconsin-Stout, B.S. Sustainable Management
        Program Director
        2008 - 2010

Intellectual Contributions

    Journal Article

    • Klefstad, J. M., & Hoel, A. (2013). Inquiry and Reflection Engages Student Voice. International Journal of Business and Management, Menomonie.
    • Hoel, A., & Klefstad, J. M. (Submitted). Inquiry as interdisciplinary and engaging. Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. .
    • Hoel, A., Levy, S. A., Sams, D. A., Robinson, S. A., & Rollins, M. L. (2012). Sustainability and educational methodologies: Various ways to green the business curriculum. Review of Higher Education and Self-Learning Journal.
    • Hoel, A., & Little, A. M. (2011). Interdisciplinary team teaching: An effective method to transform student attitudes.. , 11(1), 36-44.


    • Hoel, A. (2005). Measuring Perceptions of Faculty Members’ Experiences and Attitudes toward Faculty-to-Faculty Mentoring at the University Of Wisconsin-Stout (Dissertation). .



    • Hoel, A. (September, 2014). Successful Strategies in Mentoring Junior Faculty. Marketing Management Association Fall Educator's Conference, San Antonio, TX.
    • Hoel, A. (2010). Opening session panelist. Marketing Management Association Fall Educator’s Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

    Oral Presentation

    • Hoel, A. (September, 2012). Sustainability Strategies. Marketing Management Association Fall Educator’s Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
    • Hoel, A. (2011). Critical Thinking and Habits of Mind. Honors Program First Year Experience,
    • Hoel, A., & Little, A. M. (2010). Team teaching business management and environmental studies.. President's Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Madison, WI.
    • Hoel, A. (2010). Bringing Sustainability to Class. Sustainability across the Curriculum Forum,
    • Hoel, A. (2007). AQIP Quality Check-Up. ,
    • Hoel, A. (2006). Service Excellence in Educational Support. Unit Reviews,


    • Hoel, A. (2011). Management Mentoring with Multicultural Students. Mentoring Institute Annual Conference, Albuquerque, NM.
    • Hoel, A., & Little, A. M. (2010). Things we’ve tried: What has worked and potential landmines. Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum Conference,
    • Hoel, A. (2010). Implementing inquiry to engage student voices. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference, Toronto, Canada.
    • Hoel, A. (2010). Business + Science = Community Engagement. School of Business and Technology Academic Conference: Managing in a New World, St. Louis, MO.
    • Hoel, A. (2010). A new time a new degree: Four UW campuses lead the way.. University Continuing Education Association Workforce Development Forum, Scottsdale, AZ.
    • Hoel, A. (2010). Sustainability across course curriculum. World Café Event,
    • Hoel, A. (2009). Pedagogies of hope; Understanding and assessing student learning via student voices. Office of Professional Instruction Conference, Milwaukee, WI.
    • Hoel, A. (2009). Facilitate a situational analysis of current sustainability practices and future recruitment efforts. Stout Technology Park Business Forum, Menomonie, WI.
    • Hoel, A. (2008). Management mentoring. Principles of Management Symposium, Tucson, AZ.
    • Hoel, A. (2008). Service-Learning in a Residential Learning Environment. UW-Stout Research Day, UW-Stout.
    • Hoel, A. (2007). Engaging faculty scholars. International SOTL Colloquium, Vancouver, Canada.
    • Hoel, A. (2007). Using Data to Influence Practice and Culture. OPID Conference, Madison, WI.
    • Hoel, A. (2007). Benefits of Integrated Learning beyond Classroom Borders. Research Day, UW-Stout.
    • Hoel, A. (2006). Western Carolina mentoring research. SOTL Conference, Asheville, NC.


    • Hoel, A., & Klefstad, J. M. (2011). Implementing inquiry to engage student voices. Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center May Day, UW-Stout.
    • Hoel, A. (2008). Faculty Mentoring Project Facilitator. , UW-Stout.


    • Hoel, A. (2010). Students Involved, Engaged, and Learning-sharing teaching strategies to increase student engagement in large classrooms. New Instructors Workshop,


    • Hoel, A. (2008). Feasibility Study. Stakeholder Forum, Menomonie, WI.

Applied Research

    Directed Student Industry Project

    • Pulse Entertainment
      (January 2015 - May 2015)


    • The Core (Menomonie, WI)
      (January 2013 - May 2013)

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research


    • Hoel, A. 2014-2016 NTLC Teaching Champions. $750 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A., Schultz, K., & Vaver, S. Curricular Incubation Center Curriculum grant. $1759 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. Advancing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning across Stout. Sponsored by NTCL, $1000 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. NTLC Appreciative Inquiry: Developing Critical Questioning Skills. Sponsored by NTCL, $750 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. NTLC Engaging Student Voices to Enrich Learning. Sponsored by NTCL, $750 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. NTLC International Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Conference. Sponsored by NTCL, $750 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. NTLC International Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Conference. Sponsored by NTCL, $750 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. UW-Extension Workforce Development Forum. $1000 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. NTLC Community of Practice Facilitators Training. Sponsored by NTCL, $2500 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. UW-Extension Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences. $700 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A., & Little, A. M. UW-System Solid Waste Research Program. $30000 (Not Funded).
    • Little, A. M., & Hoel, A. Team-teaching in a biology and business senior capstone course. Sponsored by Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center Grant, $500.
    • Hoel, A., & Little, A. M. TLC Team Teaching Biology and Business Capstone Course. $500 (Funded).
    • Hoel, A. UW-Stout Research Services Mentoring Initiatives. Sponsored by Research Services, $2274 (Funded).

    Sponsored Research

    • Little, A. M., & Hoel, A. ACritical First Step in a Community-Driven Model for Developing Regional Food Waste Recycling Networks. Sponsored by UW-System Solid Waste Research Program, $29867 (Not Funded).

Reviewer / Editor

    Reviewer, Management Resources

    • Learn Smart Diagnostic Learning System (July 2009 - Present)

    Reviewer, Textbook

    • Essentials of Contemporary Management (September 2009 - May 2010)
    • Management: A Practical Introduction (August 2009 - May 2010)
    • Essentials of Contemporary Management (December 2009)

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • Acknowledged for Student Support, ASPIRE Multi-Cultural Student Services (2011)
    • Menomonie Food Waste Composting Network research project, The Clinton Global Initiative (March 2009)
    • Acknowledged for Student Support, ASPIRE Multi-Cultural Student Services (2007)
    • Top 15% of outstanding College of Engineering, Technology and Management faculty, Student Services survey (2007)
    • Top 15% of outstanding College of Engineering, Technology and Management faculty, Student Services survey (2004)


    • Outstanding Program Award, University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Association (2010)
    • Outstanding Proposal Award, School of Business and Technology Academic Conference (2010)
    • UW-Extension and UW Colleges Chancellor’s Award for Excellence, UW-Stout Academic Director developing the online Sustainable Management Degree (September 2010)

Professional Memberships

  • American Marketing Association
  • Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences
  • Marketing Management Association


    Department / School

    • Committee Member, Faculty Senate (September 2014 - May 2017)
    • Committee Member, Search and Screen Sales Position (March 2015 - December 2015)
    • Committee Chair, Search and Screen Marketing Position Committee (2010)


    • Sigma Beta Delta: Campus Chapter (2008 - 2012)
    • Committee Vice Chair, All University Promotion Committee (2011)
    • Faculty Advisor, Society for Advancement of Management (2003 - 2011)
    • Committee Member, Information Technology Advisory Board (2007 - 2010)
    • Committee Member, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center Advisory Board (2007 - 2010)
    • Committee Chair, All University Promotion Committee (2009)
    • Committee Member, All University Promotion Committee (2007)


      UW Stout

      • Coordinator, Collaborative projects (On-going)
      • Committee Member, Termination of Employment Committee (2010 - Present)
      • Participant, “House Calls” program (2008 - Present)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Chair, Dietetics (2015)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Chair, McNair Scholar (May 2015)
      • Committee Member, Biology Search and Screen Committee (October 2014 - February 2015)
      • Committee Member, All-University Professor Promotion Committee (September 2014 - January 2015)
      • Committee Member, Re-Assigned Time (September 2013 - December 2014)
      • Committee Member, Faculty Senate Elections Committee (2010 - 2014)
      • Committee Member, All-University Associate Professor Promotion (October 2013 - January 2014)
      • Committee Member, Sabbatical Leave Review Committee (2010 - 2013)
      • Undergraduate Research Advisor, Hospitality Leadership Hotel Business bookings (2012)
      • Participant, Advancing Scholarship of Teaching and Learning across Stout (November 2011 - December 2012)
      • Faculty Mentor, Multicultural Student Services (2008 - 2012)
      • Representative, Faculty Senate (2010 - 2011)
      • Plan B Advisor, A Study of the Graduation Rate in UW-Stout's Training and Development Program (2010)
      • Plan B Advisor, Composting Food Waste as an Alternative to Landfill Disposal (2010)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, Knowledge and Use of Dietary Fiber Sources by College Students (2010)
      • Advisory Board Member, Women and Gender Studies Advisory Board (2008 - 2010)
      • Undergraduate Research Advisor, UW-Stout/Dunn County Composting Initiative (2009)
      • Committee Member, Environmental Sustainability Steering Committee (2007 - 2009)
      • Participant, Doc Talk Mentoring Initiative (2008)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, Fluid Losses of Division III Track Athletes Experienced During Indoor Versus Outdoor Seasons (2008)
      • Participant, Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center training video (2008)
      • Participant, New Instructors Workshop (2008)
      • Chairperson, Educational Support Unit Review Committee (ESURC) (2007 - 2008)
      • Advisory Board Member, People Process Cultural Advisory Board (2007 - 2008)
      • Attendee, Meeting, Chancellor’s Advisory Council Summer Strategic Planning Retreat (2007)
      • Committee Member, Professional Development Grant Review Committee (2007)
      • Program Coordinator, Teaching, Learning and Technology: “What Does SOTL Reveal?” Conference (May 2007)
      • Plan B Advisor, Emotional Intelligence: Industrial Management Tiers and Transitions (2006)
      • Plan B Advisor, Morale and Downsizing: Organizational Change Actions (2006)
      • Plan B Advisor, Restructuring for Efficiencies in Human Resource Management (2006)


    • Participant, 2009 American Marketing Educator’s Summer Conference (January 2008)
    • Participant, Academy of World Business Development (January 2008)
    • Participant, 2007 American Marketing Association Winter Marketing Educators Conference (June 2006)


    • Organizer, Friends of the Library Book Sale (2007 - Present)
    • Educational Advocate, At-risk high school students (2004 - Present)
    • Attendee, Meeting, Sustainable Tech Park (2009)
    • Committee Member, Environmental Sustainability Park Improvement Committee (2008 - 2009)
    • Board of Directors, Disabled and Elderly Transportation (DET) (2004 - 2008)
    • Participant, Chippewa Valley Airshow (September 2008)
    • Coordinator, McWithy Benefit (April 2006)