jim handley

Jim Handley

Social Science

Office: 310 Tainter Hall
Phone: 715/232-2574
Email: handleyj@uwstout.edu

Academic Interest: 

Critical Geography, Peace Studies, Food Justice, GIS

Teaching Philosophy

In all my non-GIS classes, I try to use the language of critique and possibility to facilitate learning. We cast a critical eye on the status quo structures of our communities and look at those structures as things we can change. We use the classroom as a space to struggle against those structures and forces that create inequality and injustice. We also try to envision our world void of the self-defeating violence that presently mars our existence and explore ways to move towards that vision. The goal of education is complete humanization – to reach our full potential as human beings. Education is key to lifting ourselves and others out of oppression. It's hard work. It takes an open mind and a willingness to be uncomfortable at times. But, ultimately, it leads to a better world that is moving in the direction of peace and social justice.

In my GIS courses, I provide an environment where students are able to gain hands-on experience using the tools in GIS to solve spatial problems in which they are interested in solving. I use my 16 years of GIS experience to guide students through the geographic inquiry process using GIS. I think it's important, though, that we aren't just getting trained to use some software package. I try to provide the conceptual and theoretical framework that helps students become geographic problem solvers. After students complete the GIS minor, they are prepared for a wide array of jobs that use GIS.

Courses Taught

  • GEOG 104 World Geography
  • GEOG 251 Intro to GIS
  • GEOG 351 Intermediate GIS
  • GEOG 451 Advanced GIS
  • GEOG 452 GIS Analysis
  • GEOG 310 Geography of Food
  • PAX 201 Intro to Applied Peace Studies
  • PAX 401 Peace Studies Seminar
Office Hours (Spring 2015)
12:00 - 4:00 Wednesdays or by appointment

  • GIS minor Advisor
  • Applied Peace Studies minor Advisor
Fall 2015 Courses      
  • PAX 201 - Intro to Peace Studies
  • GEOG 104 - World Geography
  • GEOG 310 - Geography of Food
  • GEOG 451 - Advanced GIS 

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