Kathryn Hamilton

Associate Professor; Program Director, B.S. Psychology

Office: 248 Jeter Hall
Phone: 715/232-2659
Email: hamiltonk@uwstout.edu


B.S., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Ph.D., Biological Psychology, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Research Interests

My current research is focused on studying factors that may help or hinder learning from lectures accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, evaluating the role of academic advising on students' experiences in college, and assessing students' field experiences (internships). Students interested in working on collaborative research are encouraged to get involved!

Courses Taught

Psychology Seminar I-Foundations
Psychological Research Methods
Psychology: Its History and Systems
Drugs & the Brain

Research Articles

Hamilton, K .L., Harris, A. C. & Gewirtz, J .C. (2013). Affective, neuroendocrine, and somatic effects of withdrawal from chronic long-acting opiate administration. Brain Research, 1538, 73-82.

Burman, M. A., Hamilton, K .L., & Gewirtz, J. C. (2010). Role of corticosterone in trace and delay conditioned fear-potentiated startle in rats. Behavioral Neuroscience, 124, 294-299.

Gewirtz, J. C., Hamilton, K .L., Babu, M., Wobken, J. D. & Georgieff, M. K. (2008). Effects of gestational iron deficiency on fear conditioning in juvenile and adult rats. Brain Research, 1237, 195-203.

Raman, L., Hamilton, K. L., Gewirtz, J. C., & Rao, R. (2008). Effects of chronic hypoxia in developing rats on dendritic morphology of the CA1 subarea of the hypothalamus and on fear-potentiated startle. Brain Research 1190, 167-174.

Hamilton, K. L., Franklin, L. M., Roy, S., & Schrott, L. M. (2007). Prenatal opiate exposure attenuates LPS-induced fever in adult rats: Role of interleukin-β. Brain Research, 1133, 92-99.

Hamilton, K. L., Harris, A. C., Gewirtz, J. C., & Schrott, L. M., (2005). HPA axis dysregulation following prenatal opiate exposure and postnatal withdrawal. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 27, 95-103.

Hamilton, K. L., & Gewirtz, J. C., (in preparation). Modulation of the circadian variation of startle: A role for corticosterone.