Urs Haltinner

Office: 225A Communication Technologies
Phone: 715/232-1493
Email: haltinneru@uwstout.edu


Ph.D. in Work and Human Resource Education, 2008
Dissertation: An Expert Panel Consensus on Secondary Marketing Education Curriculum Contribution to a Program of Study
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Masters of Science Degree in Vocational and Technical Education, 1998
Thesis: A Follow-Up Study of Kimberly High School One and Three Year Marketing Education Graduates
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI

Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Education, 1990
Minor: Business Administration
University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI

Associate Degree in Marketing, 1981
North Central Technical College, Wausau, WI

Courses Taught

CTE 438/638 Course Construction

CTE 360/560 Cooperative Occupational Education, Online for Health Occupations

CTE 302/502 Principles of Career and Technical Education

EDUC 326 Foundations of Education

MBE 101 Introduction to Marketing and Business Education

MBE 249/449 Co-op Education

MBE 301/501 Marketing Education Methods

MBE 311 Project Methods

MBE 312 Pre-Clinical

MBE 355/555 Seminar

MBE 401/601 Marketing Education Curriculum

MBE 409 Marketing Education Student Teaching

MBE 411/611 Business Education Student Teaching

MBE 499/799 Independent Study

MBE 701 Improving Marketing and Business Methods and Materials

MBE 702 Instructional Materials and Methods for Utilization in Secondary or Postsecondary Marketing and Business Education

TECED 375/575/900C WIDS Course Construction

TECED 375/575/901C CRAY Academy (Improving Practice Through Reflection)


What I teach

You will encounter me in the Marketing and Business Education Program Courses that push you in the concepts/practices about…

  • The organization and structure of Marketing and Business Education programs

  • Methods of teaching and learning

  • Evaluation and measurement of learning

  • Principles and practices of teaching in career and technical education (CTE) program areas

  • The Foundations of early child through adolescent level education systems

  • Experiencing your practice in clinical settings including student teaching

  • Advancing and improving your professional practice through graduate courses and research


I am curious 24/7 about the evolution of mobile computing.  I am always looking for unique and novel solutions to problems and I am especially interested in products that take the unexpected sidestep away from the same-old thinking.  My passion company is Apple and its ability to think different.  I love the way it has been a continuous game changer upsetting and upending everything within its wake.

My Personal Challenge for the semester:

  • Play with instructional technology to impact student engagement and learning
    • Teach laptop free once per month per course that I teach
    • Commit to using my iPhone as my primary computer to present visual content
    • Learn how to develop a simple iPad Ap that serves an educational purpose

My Current Passion

I am deeply passionate about marketing and business practices, economics, understanding human action and reaction.  I believe everything business related is really about the basic principles that are at their core grounded in the basic principles of economics. 

I love cars and the US Automotive Industry.  I am bullish on the resurgence of the US Automotive industry--and it appears I have reason to be.  

I also happen to believe that the US Ag and Industrial Manufacturers are the earliest adaptors of some of the coolest technologies developed to date. 


I believe that if teaching and learning will change in profound ways.  Some basic examples might look like...

  • Humans that are on a journey of sampling, experimenting, failing, inventing, innovating, succeeding, and questioning the possibilities.
  • The rhetoric of rigor and relevance would become understood to mean relevance precedes rigor and sometimes rigor leads to relevance.
  • Teachers and teaching redefined as facilitators of human capacity building.
  • Computers and its replacement thought of as a human capacity and curiosity generator.


My Favorites:

  • General Motors, specifically Chevrolet

  • Mazda

  • John Deere

  • Case New Holland

  • International Trucks (Navistar)

  • Caterpillar Industrial Equipment

I love coffee.  There simply is not a more interesting service to experience.  Coffee houses just tend to get the customer experience.  They just seem to understand that what I am really craving is smart talk, coffee aroma, and downtime. Which are all enhanced by the great cup of coffee that I so love.

My Favorites:

  • Duncan Donuts Coffee, home brewed

  • Legacy Chocolates, Menomonie, WI