Amy Fichter

Director of Internal Operations, Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association
Art & Art History Department
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Office: 306B Applied Arts
Phone: 715-232-5335

Teaching Interests: Ideally, after participating in one of my classes, students will: • Understand art making, like any valuable endeavor, is a process requiring discipline, practice, and hard work. Achieving success in the arts takes persistent effort, as it does most recognizably for students in such activities as athletics, music, and the "hard" sciences. Good art does not just happen. Natural talent takes one only so far. Students will appreciate and even come to enjoy creative struggle and problem solving. Accomplishment comes through repetition and persistence with lots of homework and rigorous in-class instruction. • Realize the best art demands a balance between gesture and precision. Students often come into class believing art is merely an expressive free-for-all (and yet get quite frustrated when they cannot figure out how to draw something). My approach to teaching drawing compensates for this one-sided presumption. Students create more effective images when they balance intuition with logic, emotion with thought, and spontaneity with care. Gesture and contour drawings are practiced to achieve a balance between fast and slow, measured and loose. In assignments, group critiques, and one-on-one sessions with students, I place much significance on intellectual problem solving. • Have control over what they communicate through visual media. Even in beginning-level courses, students are held responsible for their actions and decisions. I insist on asking why. Why is this line moving in this direction? Why is this value on this plane? Why did you include this here? Why did you take this point of view? Students will understand that each and every decision they make on a piece of paper adds up to the meaning of the work and because of this, they have ultimate control over what they want that image to say and mean. • Know that effective art is based in knowledge and empathy with the subject matter and with drawing techniques. Drawing technique is often taught with no regard for subject matter (the "just draw what you see" approach). However, in order for students to get to the meat of drawing and have true success, they must learn about their subject matter and become aware of how their subject feels, moves, and exists in space. They must do the same with drawing techniques: intellectually understand how the direction of a line dictates space and also comprehend with their own body how it feels to move their arm in space to create that line. In my classes, students study not only drawing, but also what they draw and in doing so, realize one of the biggest pleasures of making art: that at its heart, drawing in itself is a means of understanding.


    • MFA Drawing
      University of South Carolina
      Columbia, SC, United States, 1998
    • MA Drawing
      University of Northern Iowa
      Cedar Falls, IA, United States, 1995
    • BA Art
      Northwestern College
      Orange City, IA, United States, 1993

Work Experience


      • Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association
        Director of Internal Operations
        2002 -
      • Farm Credit Services of America
        Appraisal Assistant
        2001 - 2002

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • Texas A & M University -Corpus Christi
        Assistant Professor
        2000 - 2001
      • University of Central Arkansas
        Visiting Assistant Professor
        1999 - 2000
      • University of South Carolina
        1998 - 1999
      • University of South Carolina
        Graduate Teaching Assistant
        1996 - 1998
      • Limestone College
        1995 - 1996
      • University of South Carolina
        Graduate Instructional Assistant
        1995 - 1996
      • University of Northern Iowa
        Graduate Assistant
        1994 - 1995

Artistic and Professional Performances and Exhibits

    Art - Exhibition, Group

    • Fichter, A. (Present) The Felt Moment. Museum of Art. Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) A Merging of Fields: Cultivating the Creative Spirit of Art and Technology; Art Acquisitions 1998-99. Policy Management Systems Corporation, 2Qth Anniversary Celebration and Art Gala.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Faculty Exhibition. University of South Carolina, McKissick Museum. Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Potent Figures. Winthrop University. Rock Hill, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) 20th Anniversary Exhibition. Iowa State University, Brunnier Art Museum. Ames, IA, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Artista Vista. The Studio at Motor Supply. Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Art Feed and Seed. Hinson Feed and Seed. Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Schools of Thought. Curator: Geno Rodriguez, South Carolina Arts Commission at Nations:Sank Plaza. Columbia, SC, United States.

    Art - Exhibition, One-Person

    • Fichter, A. (Present) Flesh and Gravity. Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi, Weil Gallery. Corpus Christi, TX, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) The Persistence of Desire. University of Central Arkansas, Baum Gallery of Fine Art. Conway, AR, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) The Persistence of Desire. Coker College, Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery. Hartsville, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Recent Figurative Work. Converse College, Milliken Gallery. Spartanburg, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Erotic Postures. Gallery 701. Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) A Measure Between the Beginnings. University of Northern Iowa, University Gallery. Cedar Falls, IA, United States.

    Art - Exhibition, Competitive

    • Fichter, A. (Present) The Greater Midwest International XV Exhibition. Central Missouri State University. Warrensburg, MO, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) VIII Annual International Juried Show. Laredo Center for the Arts. Laredo, TX, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) About Face - All Media Exhibition. St. Louis Artists' Guild. St. Louis, MO, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) The Fifth Annual Artists of Northwest Arkansas Fall Regional Art Exhibit. Arts Center of the Ozarks. Springdale, AR, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Fred Wells National Exhibition. Nebraska Wesleyan University. Lincoln, NE, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) National Works on Paper. University of Texas at Tyler. Tyler, TX, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Iowa College Salon. Iowa State University, Brunnier Art Museum. Ames, IA, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Sioux City 53rd Annual Art Exhibition. Sioux City Art Center. Sioux City, IA, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (Present) Art Show Six. Hearst Center for the Fine Arts. Cedar Falls, IA, United States.



    • Fichter, A. (1999). Basic Drawing. , Camden, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (1999). Figure Drawing (Grades 7 - 12); Mixed Media Drawing (Grades 3 -6). Gateway Summer Program, Aiken, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (1999). Black and White Drawing (Grades 6 - 9). Tri-District Arts Consortium, Columbia, SC, United States.
    • Fichter, A. (1995). Drawing and Painting (Grades 3 -5). Summer Arts Program, Cedar Falls, IA, United States.

Professional Memberships

  • College Art Association



    • Member, Committee on the Assessment and Development of Teaching and Learning (2000 - 2001)
    • Member, Graduate Studio Art Admissions Committee (2000 - 2001)
    • Juror, Annual Student Exhibition (2000)
    • Juror, South Texas Art League Annual Exhibition (2000)
    • Member, National Association of Schools of Art & Design Accreditation Review Committee (1999 - 2000)