Dr. John S Dzissah

Department Chair, University of Wisconsin Stout
Professor, University of Wisconsin Stout
Operations and Management Department
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management

Office: 281F Jarvis Hall-Technology Wing
Phone: 715-232-1265
Email: dzissahj@uwstout.edu

Brief Biography

John Dzissah has a BS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana; and MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering from University of Louisville, Kentucky. John has served as a Lecturer at Takoradi Polytechnic Takoradi, Ghana Principal Production/Maintenance Supervisor at the Bibiani Industrial Complex, Bibiani Ghana and Head of Engineering Unit of the Quality Assurance of Ghana Standards Board, Accra Ghana. John has over 20 years of professional business experience in manufacturing, consulting and teaching both in class and online. John currently teaches courses in Quality Engineering, Design of Experiment, Production and Operation Management. Engineering Economy, Lean Manufacturing Systems, Facilities Planning, Six Sigma, Quality Tools, Quality Management at University of Wisconsin Stout. He is a member of American Society for Quality and Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Teaching Interests: Quality Engineering, Design of Experiment, Production and Operation Management. Engineering Economy, Lean Manufacturing Systems, Facilities Planning, Six Sigma, Quality Tools, Quality Management

Research Interests: Process Improvement Lean Six Sigma Integration of Quality and Ergonomics Quality improvement


    • Ph D Industrial Engineering
      University of Louisville
      Louisville, KY, 2001
    • MS Industrial Engineering
      University of Louisville
      Louisville, KY, 1992
    • BS Electrical and Electronic Engineering
      University of Science and Technology Kumasi
      , Ghana, 1982

Licensures and Certifications

  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:
  • Certified Quality Manager (CQM):
  • Certified Quality Engineer (CQE):
  • Certificate in college teaching: University of Louisville
  • Certificate in Metrology and Quality Management: Butler County Community College/NIST

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin Stout, Operations and Management
        Department Chair
        January 2015 -
      • University of Wisconsin Stout, Operations and Management
        2001 -
      • University of Wisconsin-Stout, College of Management/Masters in Sustainable Management
        Program Director
        July 2012 - December 2014
      • GIMPA , Graduate School of Business Accra- Ghana
        Visiting Professor
        2008 - 2008
      • University of Louisville, Industrial Engineering
        Graduate Teaching Assistant
        August 1997 - May 2001
      • Takoradi Polytechnic
        1982 - 1983


      • Ghana Standards Board
        Senior Scientific Officer and Head of Engineering Unit of the Quality Assurance Division
        1986 - 1997
      • Zoeller Pump Company
        Quality Assurance Officer
        1992 - 1993
      • Bibiani Industrial Complex
        Plant Engineer
        1983 - 1986

Intellectual Contributions

    Journal Article

    • Dzissah, J. (2009). Competitiveness. Challenge to management of manufacturing industries in Ghana to rethink their operation strategy . Ghana Quality Organization News letter.
    • Dzissah, J. (2007). Differing perspectives of Quality . Ghana Quality Organization News- letter.
    • Dzissah, J., & Karwowski, W. A. (2007). Management Support methodology for Integrating Quality, Ergonomics and Safety management issues . Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries.
    • Dzissah, J. (2007). The Role of Statistical Quality Control in Manufacturing in Ghana. Ghana Quality Organization Newsletter.
    • Dzissah, J., Karwowski, W. A., Rieger, J., & Stewart, D. (2005). An Instrument for Measuring Management outcome with respect to Quality, Safety and Ergonomics. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing & Service Industries, 15(2), 312.
    • Karwowski, W. A., & Dzissah, J. (2000). Design and Evaluation of System integration efforts for Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health, Ergonomics and Quality Management. Congress of Ergonomics, Costa da Caparica, Portugal.
    • Dzissah, J., & Karwowski, W. A. (2000). A framework for integrating Quality, Ergonomics and Safety Management System. 1st International Conference on Occupational Risk Prevention, Tenerife (Canary Isles) Spain .
    • Dzissah, J., & Alexander, S. M. (1997). Customer Perceptions of Product quality improvement: A case study. Quality Engineering, 10(1), 37-41.

    Encyclopedia Article

    • Dzissah, J., Karwowski, W. A., & Yang, Y. (1999). Integration of Quality Management system, Ergonomics and Safety. , International Encyclopedia for Ergonomics and Human Factors (International Ergonomics Encyclopedia)..


    Oral Presentation

    • Dzissah, J., Olson, D., & Ding, X. (January, 2014). Application of Lean Techniques in Class Scheduling Process Presentation. January Professional Development Week, Menomonie, WI.
    • Dzissah, J. (2012). Quality improvement through experimentation. Manufacturing Advantage Conference,

    Guest Lecture

    • Dzissah, J. (2008). Total Quality Management. ,

    Keynote/Plenary Address

    • Dzissah, J. (2007). Statistical Process Control . , Rochester, MN.

    Summer Summit

    • Dzissah, J. (2005). Introduction to Statistical Process Control and Measurement System Analysis. National Center for Engineering Education and Technology Education – Pre-engineering , UW-Stout.


    • Dzissah, J. (January, 2004). Improving and Maintaining Instructional Quality with limited resources. Professional Development Week ,

Applied Research


    • Improving the Paint Appearance in the E-Coat System Utilizing Six Sigma Methodologies (May 2014)

    • Test Method and Quality Standardization between Multiple Manufacturing Sites (May 2014)

    • Techniques for Reduction of Non-technical Losses in Electrical Power Utilities (May 2012)

    • Using Six Sigma Methodologies to Improve Design and Detailing Quality (December 2011)

    • A comparative analysis of contact metrology devices versus non-contact metrology systems utilizing structured light (December 2011)
    • Chippewa Valley Bean
      The most cost effective shipping material for Chippewa Valley Bean (May 2011)

    • Work-life balance perceptions of UW-Stout faculty (May 2011)

    • Assessing Glass Product Shrinkage after Cooling Using Capability Studies (December 2010)

    • Reduction of Test Cases in software testing by Orthogonal Array approach (Design of Experiments) (August 2010)
    • BELMARK, inc
      Corrective Action and Preventive Action Program Implementation: BELMARK, inc (August 2010)

    • Increase Efficiency Using Six Sigma Methodologies (December 2009)

    • Evaluation of a Manufacturer's Sales Representative Training Program (December 2009)

    • Measurement System Analysis for Quality Improvement using Gage R&R Study at Company XYZ (May 2009)

    • Implementation of Six Sigma at XYZ Company to Eliminate Finished Goods Nonconformance (May 2009)

    • An Analysis of Employee Turnover at XYZ Company (May 2009)

    • Using Control Charts to determine if a Process is in Statistical Process Control: Is it the Process or is it the Design? (May 2009)

    • Quality Improvement of Product in Plastics Industry using Six Sigma Approach (May 2009)

    • Qualification of Inspection Techniques for Detecting Leaks in Pouched Medical Devices at Company XYZ (December 2008)

    • Manufacturing Equipment Changeover Impacts on Component Quality (May 2008)

    • Statistical Validation in Process Capability for a High Pressure Flexible Polyurethane Foam Pouring Machine (May 2007)

    • Value Stream Mapping at XYZ Company (May 2007)

    • Implementing a HACCP plan for a Packaging Company (December 2006)

    • A plastic Company in Western Wisconsin: A Case Study in Improving a Clamping Device's Function (May 2006)

    • Implementing continuous process improvement method in a mid-size plastic company (May 2006)

    • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process Improvement Drill Optimization (December 2005)

    • The Synergy Effect between Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing (December 2005)

    • Value stream mapping in a welding setup (May 2005)

    • value stream mapping on foam injection moulding process – the starting point of a six sigma project (May 2005)
    • Nor-Lake, Incorporated
      Using Value Stream Mapping as a Tool to Reduce Manufacturing Lead-time in the Cabinet Division at Nor-Lake, Incorporated (December 2004)

    • SPC System Implementation at a Mid- Size Food Manufacturing Plant (July 2004)

    • Assessing measurement system acceptability for process control and analysis using gage R&R study (May 2004)

    • Pre-production Planning and Lead time reduction using Six Sigma (May 2004)

    • Update application guidelines for gravity roller and wheel conveyors (December 2003)

    • The design of HACCP plan for a small-scale cheese plant (May 2003)
    • Toyota Manufacturing Company (Georgetown Kentucky USA )
      (1999 - 2001)

Grants, Contracts, and Sponsored Research


    • Dzissah, J. (2013) Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars Program .
    • Dzissah, J. (2012) Hutchinson Six Sigma Training. $6000.00 (Funded).
    • Dzissah, J. Quantification of Musculoskeletal Loading and Subjective Perception in Health Care Profession . Sponsored by An OSHA grant through Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety Education Research Center at the University of Illinois, Chicago, $16000.

    Sponsored Research

    • Dzissah, J. Six Sigma Training. Sponsored by the institute of Industrial Engineers, $1438.

Awards, Fellowships, Honors, and Scholarships


    • 2014 Summer Research Scholar, UW-Stout (June 1, 2014)
    • Minority Faculty and Staff Network Leadership Award, (2011)
    • College of Management Faculty Award, University of Wisconsin –Stout (2009)
    • Minority Faculty and Staff Network Award, University of Wisconsin –Stout (2009)
    • Industrial Engineering Department: Outstanding Graduate student Award, University of Louisville (2000)
    • Industrial Engineering Department: American Society of Quality Award , University of Louisville (1999)

Professional Memberships

  • Ghana Quality Organization
  • American Society for Quality
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)


    Department / School

    • Personnel Committee (2012 - Present)
    • Committee Chair, Search Committee (2012 - 2012)
    • Committee Chair, Search Committee (2008 - 2008)
    • Committee Chair, Search Committee (2007 - 2008)


    • College of management Council (2011 - Present)
    • ABET accreditation committee (2010 - Present)
    • Manufacturing Engineering Program Faculty (2001 - Present)
    • • Plastic Engineering Program Faculty Committee (2001 - Present)


      UW Stout

      • Curriculum and Instruction Committee (2012 - Present)
      • Educational Activities Committee (2012 - Present)
      • Planning and Review Committee (2009 - Present)
      • Positive Action Committee (2004 - Present)
      • Faculty Advisor, Campus Crusade (2003 - Present)
      • Admission and Credit Appeals Committee (2002 - Present)
      • Student Branch Counselor – America Society for Quality (2002 - Present)
      • Plastic Engineering Program Faculty Committee (2001 - Present)
      • Termination of Employment Committee (2014 - 2014)
      • Minority Faculty Intern (2010 - 2011)
      • Planning and Review Committee (2009 - 2011)
      • Graduate Education Committee (2004 - 2010)
      • Committee Chair, Minority Faculty and Staff Network (2008 - 2009)
      • Faculty Senate (2004 - 2007)