Dr. Sally A Dresdow

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Stout
Operations and Management Department
College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management

Office: 267 Jarvis Hall-Technology Wing
Phone: 715-232-3085
Email: dresdows@uwstout.edu


    • BA English Literature/Psychology
      Greenville College
      Greenville, IL,
    • DBA Organizational Behavior
      Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
      Carbondale, IL, 1993
    • MBA Quantitative Methods
      Roosevelt University
      Chicago, IL, 1987

Work Experience

    Academic - Post-Secondary

      • University of Wisconsin - Stout, Department of Operations and Management, College of Management
        Associate Professor
        August 26, 2011 -
      • University of Wisconsin - Stout, Department of Operations and Management, College of Management
        Assistant Professor
        August 24, 2007 - May 26, 2011
      • University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
        Associate Professor
        August 2001 - May 2007
      • University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
        Assistant Professor
        August 1997 - May 2001
      • Northern State University
        Assistant Professor
        August 1996 - May 1997
      • Asbury College
        Assistant Professor
        August 1992 - May 1996

Intellectual Contributions

    Journal Article

    • Dresdow, S., & Benson, J. (Accepted). Far Side of Critical Thinking: Embedding Abductive Thinking to Expand Understanding. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 15(6), West Palm Beach, FL.
    • Benson, J. K., & Dresdow, S. (2015). Design for Thinking: Engagement in an Innovation Project. Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 15(3), 377-410.
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2014). Design Thinking: A Fresh Approach for Transformative Assessment Practice. Journal of Management Education, 38(3), 437-463.
    • Pederson, L., Dresdow, S., & Benson, J. (2013). Significant tasks in training of job-shop supervisors. Journal of Workplace Learning, 25(1), 23-36, Emerald Group Publishing.
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2010). Critical incidents as a signature pedagogy to develop professional thinking. Business Case Journal, 17(2), 6-15.
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2009). Common sense and integrative thinking. Management Decision, 47(3), 508-517.
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2008). Teaching AI to enhance student’s understanding of organizational behavior. International Journal of Learning, The: Annual Review, 15(2).
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2006). Big picture thinking as a closure course design strategy. , 7(Fall).

    Conference Proceeding

    • Dresdow, S., & Benson, J. (2015). Beyond Critical Thinking: Embedding Abductive Reasoning to Expand Understanding. North American Management Society, North American Management Society.

    Case Study

    • Dresdow, S., & Benson, J. (2008). United to engage: Gaining collaboration through dialogue for strategic change. , 27, Annual Advances in Business Case Research.
    • Benson, J., & Dresdow, S. (2007). Olde Main Street, Inc.: A case study of strategic revitalization. , 26, Annual Advances in Business Case Research.



      UW Stout

      • Committee Member, Institutional Review Board (August 2010 - Present)
      • Committee Member, Graduate Education Committee (August 2008 - Present)
      • Committee Member, DLT - Campus Climate Sub-Committee (September 2014 - August 2015)
      • Committee Member, Diversity Leadership Team (August 13,2014 - August 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Best Practices for Hydration: Proper Adolescent Hydration during Training (July 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Building Teams for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education (July 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Hose Bed Cover Process: Batching to Continuous Flow (May 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Improving and Sustaining Employee Engagement: An Organizational Assessment Follow Up at Company XYZ (May 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Moving Company ABC Training from a Traditional Classroom to a Virtual Classroom (May 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Strategies to Improve Employee’s Work Ethic (May 2015)
      • Committee Member, Advisory Board for Food & Nutritional Science (August 2009 - May 2015)
      • Committee Member, Associate Professor Promotion Committee (August 2014 - January 2015)
      • Plan B Advisor, Assessment and Recommendations of Sales Training Materials for Professional Services Organization (August 2014)
      • Plan B Advisor, Reasons for Attending Face-to-Face Lab Sessions in a Hybrid Web Development Course (August 2014)
      • Panel Member, New Faculty Training from NTLC (August 13, 2014)
      • Plan B Advisor, A Training Plan to take Company XYZ Online: A Small Business Approach (May 2014)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, Acceptance and Intake of a New Thickened Beverage Product (May 2014)
      • Plan B Advisor, Supporting Your Hero: Critical Incident Stress Management Training Needs Assessment for Firefighters Spouses/Significant Others (May 2014)
      • Plan B Advisor, The Challenges of Writing an Effective Orientation Plan for a Non-profit Organization (May 2014)
      • Plan B Advisor, Improving Gas Emergency Proficiency on Customer Calls through the use of Web-Based Training (December 2013)
      • Plan B Advisor, Orientation and Onboarding Best Practices: Creating an Onboarding Model (December 2013)
      • Plan B Advisor, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in a College of Management. MS Technology Managment (May 2013)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, The Consumption of Commodity Supplemental Food by Homebound Older Adults (May 2013)
      • Plan B Advisor, The Relationship between Night Eating Syndrome and Body Mass Index Among College Students (May 2013)
      • Committee Member, Faculty Senate Executive Committee (August 2010 - May 2013)
      • Committee Chair, Graduate Education Committee (August 2010 - May 2013)
      • Plan B Advisor, Consumer Adoption of Mobile Services: How Today's Consumer Perceives "Smart" Products (December 2012)
      • Plan B Advisor, The Effect of Communication on Continuous Improvement and Quality: Engineering's Interaction with Manufacturing (December 2012)
      • Plan B Advisor, A Golf Club Fitting and Fitness/Nutritional Training Program to Aid College Golf Coaches in the Development of Their Golfers (June 2012)
      • Plan B Advisor, Value stream mapping of upstream processes within Wallace Carlson Printing (June 2012)
      • Plan B Advisor, Analysis of Engineering Organization within a Contract Manufacture of High Mix – Low Volume Products (February 2012)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, An Evaluation of the Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program at the Chippewa County WIC Clinic (December 2011)
      • Plan B Advisor, A Training Program for the Associate Production and Facility Managers In the retail division of Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota (May 2011)
      • Plan B Advisor, Development and Delivery of Training Materials For a Product Lifecycle Management System (May 2011)
      • Committee Member, Sexual Harassment Education Committee (August 2009 - May 2011)
      • Plan B Advisor, The Effect of Communication on Continuous Improvement and Quality: (December 2010)
      • Plan A (Thesis) Committee Member, Wisconsin Home Health Care Nurse Referrals To Registered Dietitians (August 2010)
      • Plan B Advisor, Organizational benefits of retaining older workers (May 2010)
      • Plan B Advisor, Formal on-boarding procedures: An implementation model for XYX Company (November 2009)
      • Plan B Advisor, Methodology to Determine Employee Performance Standards Post Implementation of a Software System (May 2009)