Desiree Budd


Desiree Budd


Office: 242 Jeter Hall


Research Interests

The effect of repetitive non-clinical impact on the cognitive functioning of high school football players. With *Daniel Comstock, *Steffanie Fisher, *Nate Olinger,*Tim Pastika, *Kyle Slawson, Daniel Krenzer (School Psychology), Michael Donnelly (Sulcus Scientific Consulting), & Jo Hopp (Physics).

Placing electrode net
EEG and emotional responses to foods that differ in their fat content, as a function of dietary history. With Michael Donnelly (Sulcus Scientific Consulting), *Sarah Bjork, *Chelsea Dehnke, *Angela Oaks, *Keesahn Rheingans, *Melissa, Warlow, & *Katy Hardy.

Using ERP to Detect Lies. With Michael Donnelly (Sulcus Scientific Consulting), *Daniel Comstock, *Brettina Davis, *Lindsey Domagala, *Sarah Jung, *Kaitlyn Olson, *Paul Krause, *Lauren Strohm, *Adrienne Sulma, & *James Vance; Also with *Kayce Van Pelt, *Micah Hurtt, & Michelle Vieyra (Biology) at University of South Carolina–Aiken.

*Indicates the person is an undergraduate researcher.


Courses Taught

Science olympiad 14

  • General Psychology
  • Perception
  • Cognitive Processes
  • Interpreting Psychological Research
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience with Lab
  • Cognitive Science 1
  • Cognitive Science 2
  • Cognitive Science Research Studio