Sara Turansky

Program Advisor / Associate Lecturer

Phone 706-830-0374
Office 267 Heritage Hall

Sara Turansky teaches Math Assessment for RTI, Trends & Issues PK-5 Math, and Leadership for Math. She is also the Program Advisor for the Mathematics Specialist Graduate Certificate Program. Sara has over thirty years’ experience teaching. She started her career in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas teaching middle school and after six years “down there,” she headed across the Atlantic Ocean to the United Arab Emirates, where she had heard that there was a need for teachers with her background.

During her 17 years in the UAE, Sara taught at private Arab schools, a public charter-like school for UAE nationals, and the government-run university. At the UAE University, she started as a Mathematics for Arts lecturer, but then ascended the supervisory ladder to course coordinator and then track coordinator. While track coordinator, Sara served as the editor of the locally-produced textbooks, maintained responsibility for all exams, and made sure that her section of the department ran smoothly.

After six years at the tertiary level, she headed to the American Embassy-affiliated school, where she had the opportunity to work with middle and high school students representing over 40 different countries. Concurrent with this, she privately tutored students in a variety of subjects.

When Sara repatriated to the USA in 2009, she taught solely online at different institutions across America. Since becoming Program Advisor for the Mathematics Specialist Certificate, Sara resumed tutoring to keep current with new approaches and issues with teaching math. She helps students from Grade 3 - undergrad with math classes, as well as preparing high schoolers to take college-entrance exams. 
Teaching Interests: In addition to teaching, Sara has worked as a textbook editor, professional proofreader, and a tutor.

Professional Interests: Math Response to Intervention (RtI) at the middle school and high school levels