Students Helping Students Reach Academic Success

Finding the right study strategies for your student
September 23, 2021

Supporting students as they work toward academic success is the core focus of the Academic Resource Coordinators in University Housing. ARCs help guide other students in determining the academic strategies that work best for them.

ARCs assist with creating residence hall environments conducive to living and learning. They meet individually with residents, host study night events and sponsor Signature Academic Success Events for residence hall students.

Some of the signature events planned for this semester include:

Academic Resource Coordinators
Fall 2021 ARCs / University Housing
  • Touring the library, with an emphasis on the best study spots
  • Learning how to use Access Stout effectively
  • Communicating clearly with professors
  • Exploring time management methods
  • Developing good self-care

Has your student connected with the ARC in their residence hall?

Encourage them to seek out their ARC to discuss time management strategies, note-taking methods and good study strategies. ARCs aren’t expected to know it all, but they have a lot of tools and knowledge of where to find academic resources and can share tips with your student.


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