Highlighting Our On-campus Labs

Which space does your student like best?
December 29, 2021

We’re proud of our on-campus labs because each space is unique in the hands-on experiences it can offer your student. Walking around campus, it’s exciting to see what students are doing in the labs – the sights and sounds of building, creating, designing and experimenting.

But we wanted to know which spaces are the most interesting to our future students. So, we asked Jin, a local high school student who’s learning job training with the Involvement Center through Project SEARCH.

We invite you to take an interactive 360-degree tour of the programs and labs that stood out most to Jin in our 6 Career Clusters:

UW-Stout students in a Painting studio.
UW-Stout students in a Chemistry of Materials course.


Which labs does your student enjoy most and what do they like to do there? Are there small things they can do to recreate those hands-on experiences at home and maybe teach you, their friends or roommates something new in the process?


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