Health Services is here for your student

Caring for your student’s health away from home
October 22, 2021

Student Health Services is committed to caring for your student’s physical, mental and emotional health. Our care team sees more than 6,000 students during the academic year.

Being away from home, away from the comfort of your care, your student might be worried about what to do if they don’t feel well. Maybe this is the first time they’ve really needed to see to their own health?

If they call you for advice, it’s important to be patient and listen. Try not to get frustrated if they’ve made an unhealthy decision. This is a chance for you to empower your student. You can direct them to our office.

Our Services

We offer many services to benefit your student’s health including exams, evaluations, lab testing and immunizations.

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Encourage your student to visit with any concerns they have. The Student Health Building is located on North Campus at 103 1st Avenue West.

Starting in January 2022, Student Health Services will be managed by Prevea Health, which provides primary and specialty health care in more than 100 locations across Wisconsin.

Your student will have access to: 

  • Prevea Urgent Care at the local Prevea clinic  
  • Prevea Virtual Care, for online telehealth visits
  • Prevea Care After Hours, a 24-hour nurses hotline 
  • Psychiatric services to provide diagnostic assessment and medication management. 

Your Student’s Visit is Covered

Our services are available to any enrolled student. Student health fees are among other fees automatically added to tuition. This means your student is automatically covered for care provided at our office.

SHS will be holding a student forum from 4 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 15. Information on how to attend will be shared in Campus Life Today, the student daily newsletter. Encourage your student to attend to learn more about our services. You may also send us any questions you have.

We are open Monday through Friday 8-4:30 p.m. We can also be reached at 715-232-1314 or



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