Policy for Use of Laptops in English Courses

Expectations for instructors

When using laptops in English courses, instructors will:

  • Use laptops for various class activities, including:

      - Communication (e-mail, discussion lists, chat rooms)
      - Information gathering (internet searches, library databases)
      - In-class writing and revision
      - Information exchange (notes, documents)

  • Demonstrate patience with students who have varying levels of proficiency and experiences with using laptops in a learning environment.

Expectations for students

Classroom Etiquette Guidelines

Inside of class, students should use their laptops as a learning tool. Students should:

  • Use laptops for taking notes, conducting research required for activities, and other specific classroom tasks as assigned by the instructor. During class, students should not check e-mail, browse the Internet, instant message, play games, or perform other off-task activities.
  • Engage in class activity as actively as they would in any other class. This includes making eye contact, paying attention and staying on task. The computer should not become a barrier to one-on-one interaction, but instead should help facilitate the exchange of ideas and engagement in classroom contact.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to others. Students should not display screen images, including wallpapers and screen savers, that might be distracting or offensive to other members of the class.

Technical Responsibilities

When using laptops for university-related activity, students should:

  • Use software compatible with products and programs provided by the university. All assignments should be completed using the programs specified by the instructor of each class.
  • Successfully set up the laptop for wireless connectivity.
  • Fully charge the battery before each class period.
  • Create back-up files on other storage media in case of crashes or machine failures.
  • Use software legally.
  • Make timely and responsible attempts to solve technical problems.
     - Seek help from knowledgeable friends.
     - Call ASK-5000

Failure to adhere to these guidelines in any significant way may result in being counted as absent for the class period. According to the attendance policy adopted by the Department of English and Philosophy, absences exceeding the equivalent of two weeks of class will result in a failing grade.