Business Writing Objectives

Last Revised (03/03)


Business Writing deals with written communication in business: practice in writing memos, letters, electronic correspondence, reports, and other practical communication.


1.   As a result of taking Business Writing the student will be able to:
2.   Take responsibility for his/her role in communication situations.
3.   Act critically in application of course principles to communication situations.
4.   Use standard business formats and develop new ones as needed.
5.   Analyze the intended audience and adapt writing to its needs.
6.   Write documents clearly, concisely, and effectively while applying appropriate rhetorical strategies.
7.   Collaborate effectively with peers to create documents.
8.   Analyze the writing of peers and recommend appropriate revisions.
9.   Use current technology to compose and revise documents.
10. Incorporate professional research techniques where appropriate.
11. Appreciate the importance of producing work that satisfies professional standards.
12. Recognize and accommodate global concepts.
13. Appreciate the importance of intercultural communication.


Typical Assignments

(not all sections of the course will deal with all of these genres):

  • Resumes.
  • Cover letters.
  • Interviewing techniques.
  • Job interview writing samples.
  • Good news, bad news, neutral, goodwill, persuasive, sales, and other standard business letters.
  • Memos.
  • E-mail correspondence.
  • Basic instructions.
  • Analysis of business web sites.
  • Short reports.
  • Long reports.
  • Experience with types of electronic technologies.
  • Other assignments as professionally appropriate.
  • Web site design.