Academic Program

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Art and design are creative endeavors that communicate to the viewer in myriad ways. Both often mirror the culture that created them, and thus the forms of these expressions may be able to transcend the conext of their making to describe or explain an entire world outside of our own experiences. The artist and the designer often share the ability to visually articulate cultural values, ideals for social change and individual conceptions of what it means to be human. The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UW-Stout prepares graduates for careers as professional artists and designers.

The curriculum is based on foundation courses in general education and the visual arts, including mathematics, social sciences, humanities (including art history), drawing and design. Students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program may opt to pursue advanced studies in the studio arts emphases of ceramics, drawing, metals, painting, printmaking and sculpture; or a concentration in graphic design, industrial design, interior design or multimedia design. Regardless of emphasis or concentration, students in the program engage in a curriculum which is grounded in the fine arts, which values the critical and perceptual dynamics of art-making, the relevance of art history to contemporary art and design, and the analytical principles of aesthetics. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required for all courses.


Art Minor

The art minor is a flexible program that develops knowledge and sensitivity in the visual arts that will enhance the education of students in non-art majors. A minimum of six credits must be completed at UW-Stout to receive an art minor. A minimum grade of C (2.0) is required for all courses. Students can choose a General or Concentrated plan for this minor. After selecting the desired plan for this minor, one must apply using the Art Minor Program Plan and submit it to the Art and Design Office, room 235 of the Applied Arts Building for initial approval of the program plan.


Master of Fine Arts Degree

The MFA in Design is a 60 credit terminal degree built on inter-disciplinary coursework in Art and Design with a unique focus in Applied Design. No other regional institution can provide a similar collaborative environment across so many design sub-disciplines within the school. In addition, concentration options provided in this program encourage collaboration across other disciplines offered at UW-Stout and will meet the anticipated needs of students, higher education and the practicing design profession. Graduates will be well-versed in qualitative and quantitative research in design and will be well-positioned to respond to emerging employer needs in Wisconsin, the region and around the globe.