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The Social Science Department has a long history on campus of providing introductory, advanced, and specialized courses in anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, and social work. These courses have contributed to a wide range of programs at UW-Stout, as well as in the General Education in Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences of all UW-Stout students.

The Social Science Department offers core courses for Bachelors in Applied Social Science. It also offers minor courses in following disciplines:

We have tremendous diversity among our faculty members in terms of disciplinary training and in terms of expertise in substantive topics.We do research from a variety of disciplinary angles and perspectives on health, the environment, international relations, civil society, public finance, education, welfare, money and banking, gender, religion, immigration, colonialism, political systems, race, leisure, food, crime, medieval studies, philanthropy, collective bargaining, media, family, and globalization, among other topics.This gives our students an opportunity to process and understand our social world in a synthesized, applied manner. Furthermore, it creates an atmosphere for creativity, innovation, and excitement in pursuing our own scholarship and improving the learning experiences of our students.

Department of Social Science

Tainter Hall
University of Wisconsin - Stout
Phone: (715) 232-2287

Kimberly Zagorski - Interim Department Chair (effective January 8, 2016)
320 Tainter Hall
Phone: (715) 232-5388

Bev Deyo-Svendsen - Academic Department Associate
119 Tainter Hall
Phone: (715) 232-2287

Dr. Tina Lee - Program Director, B.S. in Applied Social Science 
101 Tainter Hall
Phone: (715) 232-1100

APSS Tutor

Brandy Kopa

M/W/F 9:00am-12:00pm

*Also available by email and appointment



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