Work Effectively with Your Adviser

You and your faculty adviser will decide on the focus and goals for your research project and plan your research schedule. Here are some ways to work effectively with your adviser:

  1. With your adviser’s input, set up a clear timeline of goals and tasks, taking into consideration the deadlines for graduation set by the Graduate School.

  2. Examine the Research Guide found at the Graduate School web site. Pay particular attention to the Research Paper Template. You must follow the APA guidelines templated out in this document, whether you are completing a Field Project or a Thesis.

  3. Submit the proper Human Subjects documentation if your research project involves human subject participation. For example, if you are conducting a survey, interviews, or usability testing you need to complete “Protection of Human Subjects Protocol,” which is available here.

  4. Plan to meet with your adviser at least once per week to discuss your research progress and to receive feedback about your draft. These meetings can be via phone, Skype or face to face.

  5. Follow through with your adviser: show up for scheduled meetings, complete the revisions and edits to your paper suggested by your adviser, complete the writing and researching tasks that your adviser requests.