Choose a Topic / Find an Adviser

Still unclear about whether to pursue a field project or thesis? Please see the video of me describing the differences between these two options for fulfilling your Independent Research.

Please watch the video.

It is important to have a fairly well developed idea about what type of research project that you’d like to pursue. As program director, I can help you with this!

  1. Schedule a Skype or phone appointment with me to discuss which Independent Research option (the thesis or the field project) is right for you and to discuss possible research topics.

  2. Complete this Independent Research prospectus document and email it to me. I will work with you on revising and editing the prospectus. I will use your prospectus to help you to devise a list of MSTPC program faculty who have the expertise to lead your research project. The MSTPC program web site provides a database of faculty and their research areas here.

  3. Seek out a faculty adviser. Contact the program faculty member who you’d like to advise your Independent Research project. That faculty member will read your prospectus, paying special attention to your timeline, to see if s/he is able to do so. Remember that faculty choose which projects that they can work on, and your top choice may be unable to work with you.

    • ENGL-735 Field Project (3 credits) requires that you work with one faculty adviser who teaches MSTPC program courses.

    • ENGL-770 Thesis (6 credits) work requires that your work with one MSTPC program faculty adviser and an additional two committee members, with at least one committee member from a discipline outside of technical and professional communication.

  4. Review your Appointment of Research Advisor/Committee form. I will email you this form for your review, and I will obtain the necessary faculty signatures on it. I also will route it through to the Graduate School. You cannot register for ENGL-770 or ENGL-735 until the Graduate School receives this form.