Register for ENGL-770 or ENGL-735

You cannot enroll for ENGL-770 Thesis or ENGL-735 Field Project in the same ways in which you have enrolled for all of your other courses. Registering in ENGL-770 or ENGL-735 first requires that the Graduate School has received and processed your Appointment of Research Adviser/Committee form. I will route this form for you. Once this has been completed, you are ready to be registered.

Keep in mind that you need to complete work on your field project or thesis during those semesters that you’ve enrolled. If you do not complete a sufficient amount of work towards your Independent Research, your grade in ENGL-735/-770 will reflect that. In fact, you could earn a NC (no credit) grade, which means that you’d need to enroll again (and pay again) for those credits.

  1. Decide with the approval of your faculty adviser, which semester you will enroll for 770 or 735 and how many credits in which you plan to enroll. You may enroll for up to 6 credits of ENGL-770 Thesis credits in one semester or up to 3 credits of ENGL-735 Field Project credits in one semester. However, you may enroll for any number of credits up to those amounts. That is, to fulfill their ENGL-735 Field Project, students have chosen to enroll for 1 credit of 735 during one semester and the remaining 2 credits during the next semester. Similarly, you may split up the credits you take to fulfill the ENGL-770 Thesis over two or more semesters. It’s up to you and your adviser.

  2. Email me your enrollment semester and number of credits and I will submit this information to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will contact you via email when it enrolls you in your thesis of field project course.

  3. Review your Appointment of Candidacy form [PDF] and review and sign your Program Plan. I will email you both of these documents. Once I receive them back from you, I will forward them along with your unofficial graduate transcript to the Graduate School. If you have transfer credit to declare, I will forward the appropriate paperwork through to the Graduate School for this as well. Once the Graduate School examines and processes this paperwork, you will be in the final stages of your Master’s program and one step away from graduation.