Challenge Course Activity

Challenge Course teamwork

In Professional Orientation (SCOUN-765), school counseling students become familiar with the history of school counseling, roles of the school counselor, and programming models. Students quickly learn that is necessary for school counselors to show leadership skills and be encouraging while problem-solving with a team. An authentic learning opportunity is offered during this course where students learn the importance of that role. One day of class is spent at Stout’s Challenge Course.

This activity day includes several critical thinking exercises that require students to work as a team to solve problems and complete tasks along with exploring the reasons why they have chosen school counseling as a career and what type of counselor they plan to be. These exercises also indirectly point out leaders within the classroom and allow the students to work together by following each other’s lead and ideas. The last hour of the day is spent either climbing the tower or braving a very large rope swing. The students encourage each other to conquer fears while having fun with new experiences.

Group watching a climber on the Adventure Challenge Course

Adventure Challenge Course — climbing