Is there an option to emphasize or focus in Special Education while in the Rehabilitation Services program?

A Special Education Certification (successful candidates are certified in elementary and secondary CDB and CDS) concentration is available to Rehabilitation Services students. This is a unique program that combines many aspects of rehabilitation services and special education.

Is it necessary to have a master's degree to move into rehabilitation supervisor positions?

Many of our graduates have been able to move into rehabilitation supervisory positions once they obtain work experience in the field. While many facilities do seek persons with a master's degree for supervisory positions, we have found that the undergraduate student in rehabilitation services has been able to do very well in terms of advancement. Many of our students do realize, however, that the master's degree does provide them with additional opportunities. This accounts for the reason many B.S. degreed students decide to come back and earn a master's degree. It is important to note, however, that the employment prospects for persons with a bachelor's degree in rehabilitation services are excellent, and it is not required to have a master's degree to find good jobs.

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