ABET - Engineering Accreditation CommissionThe Manufacturing Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. This agency is responsible for engineering programs in the United States. Since the program's inception, ABET accreditation criteria have been used as guidelines in the development of the program curriculum. ABET accreditation is a significant milestone for the Manufacturing Engineering program. This accreditation is a non-governmental, peer-review process that verifies that a program meets the engineering criteria, ensuring a quality educational experience. Accreditation helps many people make important decisions about education including: 

  • Students choosing an educational program
  • Parents seeking assurance of a quality education
  • Institutions seeking to improve the education provided by their programs
  • Employers recruiting well-prepared graduates
  • State registration, licensure and certification boards screening applicants for entry into professional practice
  • Industry seeking to voice educational needs to institutions

To learn more about ABET, accredited programs, and other facts concerning accreditation, visit the ABET website.

The official EAC-ABET Accreditation action occurred during the annual meeting of the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission in July 1999. The accreditation began with the May 1998 graduating class.

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