International economic competition is fierce today. Manufacturers rely on trained, dedicated professionals to develop and implement the equipment and production methods required to keep ahead of their competitors. At UW-Stout, you'll get both the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to put your company on the leading edge.

Manufacturing engineers are involved with the production process, from product design through post-sale service. As a member of a production team, you'll work with other professionals to design products using the automated systems that manufacture them. With the training our program provides, you'll become an expert on selecting the right materials, and you'll know how to process them into usable products. You'll understand how to control automated production systems with computers and utilize advanced technologies when appropriate.

Accredited undergraduate programs dedicated to manufacturing engineering are found at fewer than 25 institutions in the world. Stout's program is the only undergraduate program in manufacturing engineering in the UW System.

You'll benefit from learning in up-to-date facilities with laboratories specifically designed to promote understanding of the technologies involved in manufacturing.

The curriculum has been designed to prepare you to work with both traditional and cutting-edge manufacturing processes and technologies. As you progress toward your degree, both our cooperative education program and the nationally recognized Stout Technology Transfer Institute provide opportunities to learn through on-the-job experiences while you are still enrolled at the university.

Program Mission Statement

The Manufacturing Engineering Program prepares pragmatic manufacturing engineers who will respond aggressively to the changing needs of the global marketplace, apply research and theory in the development of marketable products and efficient processes, and design with an awareness of the realities of manufacturing and the needs of society.  This preparation is enhanced through extensive hands-on laboratory learning experiences.


Preparing for UW-Stout

As a student in the Manufacturing Engineering program, you must have an aptitude for science and mathematics. We encourage you to take as many upper-level math and science courses in high school as possible, including mathematics through algebra and trigonometry, plus physics and chemistry. Early development of computer skills is also very helpful.


Admission Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the university's basic admission requirements, you must also rank in the upper 40 percent of your graduating class or have an ACT composite score of 22 or greater, and a mathematics score of 22. Students not meeting the admission requirements may start in the Pre-Manufacturing Engineering program.


Entrance Options

UW-Stout has transfer agreements with the UW Colleges and several Minnesota pre-engineering programs. With planning, you can transfer to the Manufacturing Engineering program without loss of credits.


Starting Out

Industry's manufacturing problems are not only technical in nature. They're also social and economic. As a manufacturing engineer, you must therefore have a broad education.

The first two years of your program will include English composition, communication, and other general education offerings, as well as mathematics, physics and engineering fundamentals.


As You Progress

Science and mathematics classes form the foundation for engineering science courses, and their application to analysis, synthesis and creative design.

As you work through the program, the courses will emphasize modern manufacturing techniques such as computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM), robotics, and microprocessor control of manufacturing. You'll receive extensive laboratory experience in those and related areas, including computer-controlled manufacturing systems, statistical process control, electronic instrumentation, and materials processing and testing.


Entry Positions

Manufacturing engineers have rewarding careers in industry, government, research, service and entrepreneurship. The average starting salary for program graduates in 2015–16 was $60,000 a year. Graduate employment has been more than 92 percent for the past 11 years. Many companies consider manufacturing engineers good candidates for advancement to management positions.

The demand for manufacturing engineers is good in manufacturing centers across the United States. Many American firms also have companies overseas, presenting graduates with international career opportunities.

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 ABET - Engineering Accreditation Commission

UW-Stout's Manufacturing Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET