How to Vote in Menomonie

Wisconsin now requires a photo ID to vote. The student's Stout BlueCard (student ID) is an accepted photo ID as long as the voter expiration date printed on their card has not passed. If it is expired, a student can get a replacement BlueCard free of charge from the Campus Card Office at 110 Price Commons.

Campus Card Office is open until 8:00pm on Election Day, November 8th.

Here is a partial list of the accepted photo IDs:

  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card
  • Military ID card issued by a U.S. uniformed service
  • A U.S. Passport
  • A photo identification card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university, college or technical college that contains date of issuance, signature of student, and an expiration date no later than two years after date of issuance. Also, the university, college or technical college ID must be accompanied by a separate document that provides enrollment.

For a complete list of photo IDs accepted by the State of Wisconsin to vote, check out

Registering to vote:
If you are registered to vote in your home city, you may vote an absentee ballot in the election from your home site.  However, as a college student, you may register to vote at your college address.  You must do so if you plan to vote in Menomonie.  Please see "When can I Register to Vote" below.  Please remember that if you hold a Wisconsin Driver's License or ID card, you must provide the number and the expiration date on the registration form.  You will also need proof of residency that can be achieved by printing your Access Stout Voter Certification from Self-Service (see directions below).

When Can I Register to Vote?

You may register to vote 4 ways:

  • By mail. Up to 20 days before the election. Registration forms should be mailed to your municipal clerk. You can start your voter registration form online at Your form must be printed, signed,and mailed or delivered, to your municipal clerk. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering. If you are registering by mail, you can use any of the forms of Proof of Residence listed except a residential lease.
  • By Special Registration Deputy (SRDs). SRDs are trained by some municipalities to collect voter registration forms. Those SRDs must turn in all registration forms by 5:00 pm on the 20th day before the election and cannot collect registrations after that date. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering with an SRD.
  • In the municipal clerk's office. You may register in-person in your municipal clerk's office up until the Friday before the election at 5:00 pm or close of business, whichever is later. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering.
  • At the polling place on Election Day. You may register at the polls on Election Day. You must always provide a Proof of Residence document when registering.

When is the Early Voting Period?

Early voting for the November General Election will begin on September 26th and go thru November 4th. Hours will be Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Except November 4th will be 8:30 am to 5:00 pm).

Location: City Clerk's Office on 3rd floor of City Hall, 800 Wilson Ave.

How do I print a Voter Enrollment Certification?

UW-Stout students are able to print a voter enrollment certification to prove enrollment by logging into Access Stout.

A step-by-step guide on obtaining the necessary voter enrollment certification is available here.

A video on using the guide is available here.

DISCLAIMER: This information is meant to give UW-Stout students the basic information they need to vote in Wisconsin; however, it is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to all voting rules. For more comprehensive information about voting in Wisconsin, visit the G.A.B.'s My Vote Wisconsin page. Additionally, this guide does not provide any information about voting in elections in other U.S. states.

The Next Election

This upcoming election voters will elect:

  • President
  • United States Senator
  • Representative in Congress
  • State Senator
  • Representative to the Assembly
  • District Attorney
  • County Clerk
  • County Treasurer
  • Register of Deeds

The General Election is Tuesday, November 8, 2016