Water Conservation

At UW-Stout, we're doing a lot to conserve water!  Some of our water-saving initiatives include:

  • University Housing installed dual-flush toilet flushers in various residence halls
  • Water flow restrictors in Hovlid, Wigen, and Fleming residence halls
  • University Dining Services' dishwashers use 130 gallons per hour (at Price Commons) and 90 gallons per hour (at North Point), compared to 450 gallons/hour and 458 gallons/hour with their old dishwashers 
  • Eliminated water-cooled air compressors in walk-in refrigerators at Price Commons (7) and North Point (2)
  • Touchless faucets in many campus buildings that minimize water use
  • Memorial Student Center's floor scrubber uses 70% less water than traditional scrubbers
  • Memorial Student Center's carpet cleaner uses 80% less water than traditional carpet cleaners

Stormwater Management

UW-Stout is committed to storm water management on campus.  In 2006, we developed a Storm Water Management Plan [PDF] and we are continually working on storm water management projects.

Since 2006 the following projects (including the total budget costs) have been completed. These projects addressed storm water issues as a part of the project:

  • Landscaping at CKTO Entrance | $21,900
  • Jarvis Hall Addition and Remodeling | $35,210,000
    Note: This project also installed a green roof, located above room 268. The roof area is approximately 1750 SF.
  • Parking Lots 13 and 14 resurfacing | $99,600
  • Hovlid Hall and Addition (North Point) | $13,000,000
  • Parking Lot 11 | $146,400
  • Memorial Student Center Renovation | $21,936,000
  • Administration Hill Repair | $26,000
  • Parking Lots 17 and 22 | $1,010,000
  • Campus sidewalk replacement (2008) | $31,300
  • Landscaping the Borders | $47,500
  • Parking Lot 34 | $25,000
  • Storm water erosion materials | $78,000
  • US west drive way settlement repair | $34,600
  • Price Commons loading dock  | $80,600
  • Outdoor running track | $719,000
  • Fleming Hall Renovation | $6,6,329,000
  • McCalmont Hall Renovation  | $7,893,000
  • Child and Family Studies Ramp Replacement (includes a rain garden) | Currently in design and approved budget of $53,230
UW-Stout's Grounds Department has done several small and large-scale projects on campus to correct erosion issues throughout campus:
  • Landscaping the Borders
  • Bowman Hall Hillside erosion control
  • Heating Plant erosion control
  • Vocational Rehabilitation erosion control project
  • 2nd ave sidewalk regarding  project
  • Communications Technology erosion improvement project
  • Tennis court/Parking Lot 16 drainage retention pond hillside repair
  • North campus overpass retaining wall replanting
  • Removal of invasive plant species
  • Retaining walls at North and south halls
  • General Services hillside retention wall  (in progress)
  • Soccer field erosion repair project (upcoming project)
  • Grading of Parking Lot 4 to allow storm water to run into the boulevard
  • Re-grading of hill south of Wigen Hall to reduce excessive slope and prevent erosion
  • Re-garding of grass area south of Bowman Hall to stop water from running into the storm sewer and preventing erosion along sidewalk
  • Retaining wall on north side of Vocational Rehabilitation building to control erosion that was dumping sediment into the storm sewer
retaining wall near Bowman Hall