2015 RecycleMania is NOW!

The 2015 RecycleMania competition runs from February 1st to March 28th, 2015.  We ask all students, faculty, and staff to reduce, reuse, and recycle/compost.  More info about RecycleMania.

If you'd like more information about all the items we recycle at UW-Stout, check out our "How To Recycle or Compost @ UW-Stout" page.

2014 RecycleMania Competition

In 2014, UW-Stout took 1st place in the UW System for the first time ever!  We also placed 24th of 474 colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada.  

Percentages of total waste from 2011-2014:
RecycleMania Results

Week 6 Recyclemania Percentage BreakdownWaste by weight (in lbs) from 2011-2014:

RecycleMania Results (weights)
Week 6 Recyclemania Percentage Breakdown

UW-Stout's RecycleMania Events

UW-Stout's Recyclemania Flash Mob | 2013

A group of exuberant campus and community members got their boogie on for UW-Stout's RecycleMania Flash Mob in the Memorial Student Center!  For the UW-Stout RecycleMania Flash Mob Video, click HERE.

Recyclemania Flash Mob

Trash Blitz

UW-Stout has hosted trash blitzes during RecycleMania. Students and staff dig through trash dumpsters to find the many recyclable materials that are put into the trash, then they showcase these materials for the campus to see.

Trash Blitz