2013 Recyclemania Competition

The Recyclemania competition for 2013 runs from February 3rd through March 30th.  Weekly results are as follows:

By Weight (in lbs)
Week 6 Recyclemania weightsWeek 10 Recyclemania Weights

By Percent of Total Waste
Week 6 Recyclemania Percentage BreakdownWeek 6 Recyclemania Percentage BreakdownWeek 10 Percentage Breakdown

Past Results


Stout was ranked 202 out of 265 colleges throughout the United States with a recycling rate of 21% and a diversion rate of 34%. Out of all the UW colleges, Stout came in between UW-Eau Claire at a rate of 19.15% and UW-Whitewater who had a recycling rate of 26.99%.

2012 Recyclemania Results
This represents the breakdown of UW-Stout's waste during the 8-week competition of Recyclemania in 2012.


Stout was ranked 171 out of 288 colleges with a recycling rate of 24.84%. In 2011, 630 colleges participated including 6.3 million students and staff. The year 2011 was the first year that the competition changed from 10 weeks down to 8 weeks. Through the 8 weeks of competition, there was a total of 91 million pounds recycled/composted.


Stout was ranked 174 out of 267 colleges with a recycling rate of 22.46%. In 2010, 607 colleges participated in the competition including roughly 7.5 million students and staff. During the 10 week competition, a total of 84.5 million pounds were recycled/composted.

Annual Trash Blitz

UW-Stout hosts its Trash Blitz during Recyclemania every year.  Students and staff dig through trash dumpsters to find the many recyclable materials that are put into the trash, then they showcase these materials for the campus to see.

Trash Blitz