Green We Go

"Green We Go" Sustainability Video Series

UW-Stout Environmental Sustainability Office's new web series -- Green We Go -- profiles sustainability initiatives taking place across the campus.  Co-hosted by Mallory Cina and Ellen Jordan, the series helps to inform the campus and community of the many sustainability projects going on at UW-Stout.  The series was created by Camille Thorson, Mallory Cina, and Sarah Rykal.

Season 2: 2012-2013

Starring Mallory Cina and Ellen Jordan

Season 2, Episode 1: Get On the Bus!

Season 2, Episode 2: Extreme Compost Challenge

Season One: 2011-2012

Starring Camille Thorson and Mallory Cina

Episode 1: Memorial Student Center

Episode 2: StoutBikes

Episode 3: 8 Tips