Campus-Wide Energy Committee

This committee is responsible for proposing energy savings throughout campus. This committee is comprised of:

  • Jim Uhlir—Health and Safety
  • Sarah Rykal—Sustainability Office
  • John Paulus—Physical Plant
  • Scott Correll—Registration and Records
  • Haley Frater —Biology Department
  • Dean Wirtanen—Construction Department
  • Mike Dodor—Telecommunications and Networking
  • Dave Cutsforth—Internal Audit
  • Jill Webb—Student Representative/Sustainability Office
  • Amy McGovern—University Housing

To view the list of energy saving projects proposed, click here.

Energy Efficient Appliances

University Dining Services has taken advantage of the energy efficient appliances available. Not only will these appliances save money in energy costs, they have the potential to receive rebates from Focus on Energy. The energy efficient appliances purchased by University Dining Services are as follows:

  • New dishwasher at North Point Dining Facility, which uses 90 gallons per hour, compared to the old machine which used 458 gallons of water per hour.
  • New dishwasher at Price Commons, which uses 130 gallons of water, compared to 450 gallons per hour with the old machine.
  • New air-cooled air compressors, rather than water-cooled air compressors. There are 7 at Price Commons and 2 at North Point. At the Price Commons alone, there is an estimated savings of 2,800 gallons of water per day.

Focus on Energy Program

UW-Stout participates in Focus on Energy Wisconsin utilities' statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program. Focus on Energy started this program in 2001 to assist Wisconsin residents and businesses install cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. They offer both custom and prescriptive incentives for efficiency projects.

Focus on Energy

UW-Stout worked heavily with Focus on Energy during the Jarvis Science Addition project. On October 14, 2010, campus received a total of $78,364 in total rebates through Focus on Energy.

Focus On Energy Rebates

For more information about Focus on Energy and the incentives they offer, click here. For a brochure of the services and incentives for businesses, click here

Lighting and Energy Cost Saving Projects Across Campus

University Library

Physical plant replaced the building lighting control panel, a pre-1980 model with a new GE control panel. This replacement gave Physical Plant more control of all lighting within the building.

Sports and Fitness Center

Physical Plant also replaced all of the exterior lighting from 150 watt HP Sodium bulbs to 21 watt LED bulbs. This change yielded a 14% reduction in energy in addition to the $425 in rebates received from Focus on Energy.

Wigen Hall

All of the exhaust fans in Wigen Hall were put on a schedule to improve performance and save on energy costs.

Jarvis Hall Science Addition

A filter replacement project was completed by Physical Plant to reduce the life cycle of the filters and reduce the amount of energy costs. The filter replacement project was done to reduce the pre-filter damage caused by snow and moisture. After a 9 month evaluation, not only was the air quality improved, the cost savings from the life cycle of the filters and reduced energy cost were $5,000. This project has been expanded to Red Cedar Hall and Hovlid Hall as well.

Pilot Filter Project

Students Design Energy Conservation Stickers for Campus

Students in the Environmental Justice Learning Community worked to develop "We turn LIGHTS OFF here" stickers to be placed on light switches, encouraging everyone to conserve energy by turning off lights after exiting rooms on campus.  With funds to do a service learning project, the students ordered 1,500 stickers and posted them around campus.

turn lights off here

UW-Stout's Energy Sources

In comparison between fiscal years 2010 and 2011, UW-Stout in 2011 used less purchased electricity and distillate oil than in 2010.

 FY11 Energy Sources
FY10 Energy Sources

Energy Wise Campaign

Energy Wise Campaign is a new campaign created by the Campus-Wide Energy Committee geared toward students. Please follow the link to learn more.

Energy Wise Student Campaign


energy_wise_lights off


Just Enough Energy Campaign

Just Enough Energy Campaign is a new campaign created by the Campus-Wide Energy Committee. Please follow the link to learn more.

Just Enough Energy Campaign

Just enough effort

Just enough efficiency

Just enough power

Just enough convenience