Sustainability Across the Curriculum Network Meetings

If you're interested in networking with others who are exploring the integration of sustainability into course curricula, join the Sustainability Across the Curriculum Network (SACN). If you have questions about sustainability in the curriculum at UW-Stout, please contact Joan Menefee.

Sustainability in the Curriculum at UW-Stout


In Fall 2010, the Sustainability Across the Curriculum Network (SACN) and the Sustainability Steering Committee (ESSC) were charged by Former Chancellor Sorensen with proposing a definition for "Sustainability in the Curriculum" for the UW-Stout campus.  The definition they proposed is as follows:

Curriculum that encourages students to think about environmental, social, and economic factors individually and in relation to one another.

UW-Stout's Senate for Academic Staff endorsed this definition on April 6, 2011.  UW-Stout's Faculty Senate endorsed this definition on March 6, 2012.

In addition, the SACN has proposed additional sustainability competencies for students:

Students who have identified sustainability as an important component of their curriculum at UW-Stout should be able to:

  • Identify global trends that influence the social, environmental and economic well-being of different groups, both presently and into the future.
  • Define sustainability and the principles of sustainable development.
  • Explain how society and culture may influence an individual's perception of sustainability.
  • Explain how individual behaviors may affect environmental, social, and economic sustainability.
  • Explain how environmental, economic and social systems are interrelated.
  • Display leadership and communication capabilities necessary for acting as an effective change agent for sustainability in any type of business, organization, or community. 

Sustainability Courses at UW-Stout

UW-Stout now offers about 60 courses that are sustainability-focused, as well as over 100 courses that are sustainability-related. Below is a list of the sustainability-focused courses offered.  A full listing of both sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses can be found here.

Apparel and Communication Technologies Department

  • TECH 230—Exploring Technology

School of Art and Design

  • DES 150—Intro to Sustainable Design & Development
  • DES 712—Sustainable Design Practice

Biology Department

  • BIO 111—Science, the Environment & Sustainability
  • BIO 141—Plants & People
  • ENSC 425—Environmental Science and Sustainability Capstone
  • SMGT 115—Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • SMGT 310—Ecology for Sustainable Management
  • SMGT 325—Natural Resource Management
  • SMGT 360—Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  • SMGT 710—The Natural Environment

Department of Business

  • SMGT 230—Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers
  • SMGT 330—Marketing for a Sustainable World
  • SMGT 331—Sustainable Organizational Finance
  • SMGT 335—Management and Environmental Information Systems
  • SMGT 350—Operations Management and Sustainability
  • SMGT 370—Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability
  • SMGT 430—International Management for a Sustainable World
  • SMGT 730—Policy, Law, and the Ethics of Sustainability

Chemistry Department

  • CHEM 353—Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM 452—Environmental Regulations Management
  • SMGT 315—Global Environmental Chemistry

Department of Construction

  • SMGT 495—Sustainable Management Capstone
  • SMGT 750—The Built Environment

School of Education

  • EDUC 336/536—Multiculturalism: Issues & Perspectives
  • EDUC 376/576—Cross-Cultural Field Experience

Department of English and Philosophy

  • ENGL 101—Composition 1
  • ENGL 102—Composition 2
  • ENGL 247—Critical Writing
  • LIT 273—American Multicultural Literature
  • LIT 275—Environmental Literature
  • PHIL 235—General Ethics
  • SMGT 240—Technical Writing for Sustainable Management

Engineering and Technology Department

  • TRANS 202—Transportation Systems
  • TRANS 204—Energy Transportation
  • SUST 315/515—Sustainable Engineering
  • SUST 425—Sustainable Design & Development Capstone
  • SMGT 220—Systems Thinking
  • SMGT 320—Energy for Sustainable Management
  • SUST 432/632—Global Sustainability Experience in Design & Manufacturing

Human Development and Family Studies

  • HDFS 365—Family Resource Management

Department of Operations and Management

  • RC 440—Environmental Leadership & Sustainable Management
  • SMGT 340—Organizational Behavior & Sustainability
  • SMGT 720—Applied Research and the Triple Bottom Line
  • SMGT 770—Leading Sustainable Organizations
  • SMGT 780—Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SMGT 790—Research Methods

Physics Department

  • PHYS 321—Statics & Strength of Materials

Department of Psychology

  • PSYC 281—Psychology for Sustainability

Social Science Department

  • ECON 360—Strategic Decision Making & Game Theory
  • ECON 350—Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • GEOG 310—Geography of Food
  • GEOG 290—Global Political Ecology
  • SMGT 235—Economics in Society and Sustainability
  • SMGT 332—Economics of Environmental Sustainability
  • SMGT 435—International Development and Sustainability
  • SMGT 460—Environment and Society
  • SMGT 700—Cultural and Historical Foundations of Sustainability
  • SMGT 740—Economics of Sustainability
  • SMGT 760—Geopolitical Systems