Sustainability Courses at UW-Stout

If you're a student interested in taking sustainability-focused or sustainability-related courses, UW-Stout now offers about 60 courses that are sustainability-focused, as well as over 100 courses that are sustainability-related. A full listing of both sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses can be downloaded here.

Apparel and Communication Technologies Department

  • TECH 230—Exploring Technology

School of Art and Design

  • DES 150—Intro to Sustainable Design & Development
  • DES 712—Sustainable Design Practice

Biology Department

  • BIO 111—Science, the Environment & Sustainability
  • BIO 141—Plants & People
  • ENSC 425—Environmental Science and Sustainability Capstone
  • SMGT 115—Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • SMGT 310—Ecology for Sustainable Management
  • SMGT 325—Natural Resource Management
  • SMGT 360—Environmental and Sustainability Policy
  • SMGT 710—The Natural Environment

Department of Business

  • SMGT 230—Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers
  • SMGT 330—Marketing for a Sustainable World
  • SMGT 331—Sustainable Organizational Finance
  • SMGT 335—Management and Environmental Information Systems
  • SMGT 350—Operations Management and Sustainability
  • SMGT 370—Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability
  • SMGT 430—International Management for a Sustainable World
  • SMGT 730—Policy, Law, and the Ethics of Sustainability

Chemistry Department

  • CHEM 353—Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM 452—Environmental Regulations Management
  • SMGT 315—Global Environmental Chemistry

Department of Construction

  • SMGT 495—Sustainable Management Capstone
  • SMGT 750—The Built Environment

School of Education

  • EDUC 336/536—Multiculturalism: Issues & Perspectives
  • EDUC 376/576—Cross-Cultural Field Experience

Department of English and Philosophy

  • ENGL 101—Composition 1
  • ENGL 102—Composition 2
  • ENGL 247—Critical Writing
  • LIT 273—American Multicultural Literature
  • LIT 275—Environmental Literature
  • PHIL 235—General Ethics
  • SMGT 240—Technical Writing for Sustainable Management

Engineering and Technology Department

  • TRANS 202—Transportation Systems
  • TRANS 204—Energy Transportation
  • SUST 315/515—Sustainable Engineering
  • SUST 425—Sustainable Design & Development Capstone
  • SMGT 220—Systems Thinking
  • SMGT 320—Energy for Sustainable Management
  • SUST 432/632—Global Sustainability Experience in Design & Manufacturing

Human Development and Family Studies

  • HDFS 365—Family Resource Management

Department of Operations and Management

  • RC 440—Environmental Leadership & Sustainable Management
  • SMGT 340—Organizational Behavior & Sustainability
  • SMGT 720—Applied Research and the Triple Bottom Line
  • SMGT 770—Leading Sustainable Organizations
  • SMGT 780—Corporate Social Responsibility
  • SMGT 790—Research Methods

Physics Department

  • PHYS 321—Statics & Strength of Materials

Department of Psychology

  • PSYC 281—Psychology for Sustainability

Social Science Department

  • ECON 360—Strategic Decision Making & Game Theory
  • ECON 350—Environmental & Natural Resource Economics
  • GEOG 310—Geography of Food
  • GEOG 290—Global Political Ecology
  • SMGT 235—Economics in Society and Sustainability
  • SMGT 332—Economics of Environmental Sustainability
  • SMGT 435—International Development and Sustainability
  • SMGT 460—Environment and Society
  • SMGT 700—Cultural and Historical Foundations of Sustainability
  • SMGT 740—Economics of Sustainability
  • SMGT 760—Geopolitical Systems