Sustainability Office

UW-Stout's Sustainability Office is managed by sustainability coordinator, Sarah Rykal, with help from a number of dedicated students. The Sustainability Office serves as the central point of contact and resource for sustainability initiatives on the UW-Stout campus and in the community and region.

Sarah Rykal, Sustainability Coordinator

Sarah Rykal oversees the Sustainability Office for the UW-Stout campus. She earned a Master's Degree in Sustainable Community Development from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and is a credentialed LEED Green Associate. Sarah serves as chair of UW-Stout's Sustainability Steering Committee and co-chair of the Alternative Transportation Work Group.  She is a member of the Sustainable Dunn Steering Committee, UW-Stout's Campus-Wide Energy Committee, University Housing's Sustainability Work Team, and Dunn County's Joint Sustainability Work Group. Sarah manages a handful of amazing student employees (below) who are all very passionate about sustainable development.

Sarah enjoys biking, kayaking, hiking, gardening, snowboarding, cooking, traveling, taking photos, watching movies, reading, going to concerts, and drinking iced tea or hot cocoa (depending on the season).

Contact Sarah by email or by phone at 715.232.5254.




Danielle Laine, Sustainability Assistant

Specializes in Sustainability Events and Marketing

Danielle, otherwise known as Dani, is a senior in the Art & Design program, studying Interior Design and minoring in Sustainable Design & the Environment.  She is also employed by University Recreation, working in the Aquatics Department where she spends her time saving lives as a lifeguard.  She is currently serving her second term as the Vice President for ASID, which is a campus organization for Interior Design students.  Dani hopes to find a job in the interior design industry that shares the same sustainable practices and beliefs as she does, and allows her to design sustainable buildings and spaces that have a positive impact on our world and people. 

She enjoys running, biking, rock climbing, baseball, soccer, snowboarding, kayaking, camping, hiking, Harry Potter, and finding new adventures, as well as attempting to capture all of these things with a camera.  She also has made a lot of great memories at summer camp, at which she has been employed for the past three summers, because well, camp rocks (not necessarily in the musical sense, but it can certainly apply).  Oh, and let's not forget food, she loves food.



Katie Ankowicz, UW-Sprout Campus Garden Manager

Katie Ankowicz is a junior majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Plant Science Innovations and a minor in Sustainable Design and the Environment.  She is an active member of the Sustainable Agriculture in Education Association (SAEA) and part of the Honors College.  After graduation, Katie hopes to work for a company or organization that focuses on sustainable urban agriculture, community work, and agricultural education.  

Katie enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, traveling, music festivals, gardening, learning about permaculture, cooking, ceramics, star gazing, drawing, and cats. 



Brianna Shea, UW-Sprout Campus Garden Assistant

Brianna Shea is sophomore majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Health and a minor in Sustainability.  This year, she is the secretary of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), a Blue Devil Ambassador, and a volunteer member of the Fall 2015 Career Conference Executive Committee.  In her free time, she enjoys biking, cooking, Blink 182, and all things HGTV and DIY.  She finds that the choices that even basic cable provides her with are overwhelming, so she literally only watches HGTV.

Highly anticipating a four-year graduation, Brianna hopes to land a job that will keep her on her feet with minimal repetition and involves plenty of lab and fieldwork.  She has no idea what she wants to do after UW-Stout, but if she did know, it would likely just change again in the next few years.  All she knows about her future is that she wants to end up doing something she loves that can make a difference for people and their surrounding environment.  




Laura Donovan, Alternative Transportation Manager

Specializes in UW-Stout's Alternative Transportation Programs 

Laura is a junior majoring in Applied Social Science with a concentration in Sociology and Anthropology. This semester, she is also a member of the StoutCatholic leadership team, as well as a secretary of the Just Food student organization, and a volunteer at UW-Sprout Campus Garden. Her goal after dominating her super senior year is to work for an environmental non-profit organization to create just transitions to a more sustainable world and to give all people the change to really enjoy nature. She loves doing anything outdoors! Her favorite form of practical transportation is by bike and her favorite form of impractical transportation is by unicycle.


Tim Cline, Graduate Research Assistant

Tim Cline is a graduate student studying Applied Psychology.  In the Sustainability Office, Tim does a variety of research, most notably STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System) for assessing all aspects of campus sustainability.  Tim also compiles greenhouse gas emissions data to help track our emissions reductions.