During Winter Break 2013, UW-Stout transitioned to a new universal recycling, composting, and trash program. Single collection containers were removed from general assignment classrooms and meeting rooms. And container sets for NO SORT RECYCLING, ORGANICS FOR COMPOST, and TRASH FOR LANDFILL are located throughout hallways and entrances of all campus buildings.

Waste Reduction Bin MSC Housing Collection Center

At UW-Stout, students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors can recycle a number of materials campus-wide. If you have questions about recycling, email Sustainability Coordinator, Sarah Rykal.

No Sort Recycling

Plastics (all plastic containers #1-7)
Aluminum, Steel, Tin
Glass (of any color)
Paper (newspaper, office paper, magazines, non-greasy pizza box, etc)

Containers in all buildings
Organics for Compost

Food Waste (fruit, veggies, dairy, bread & grains, bones, eggshells, etc)
Compostable food containers from Dining Services (cups, to-go containers, silverware, etc)
Greasy Pizza Boxes
Paper Towels

Containers in all buildings
Trash for Landfill

Plastic Wrap
Foil Wrap
Plastic Bags
Hygiene Items (deodorant, feminine products, etc)

Containers in all buildings
 For a full listing of everything we recycle, please click here.

Recycling Bin in the Memorial Student Center

The Memorial Student Center now has a recycling bin that allows staff, faculty, and students to recycle special items that cannot be recycled in other recycling receptacles. The batteries are recycled through Battery Solutions, and the inkjet cartridges and personal electronics are recycled through Greensense, a student organization on campus. This bin in located just outside of the Involvement Center on the first floor. Items that can be recycled are:

  • Inkjet Printer Cartridges
  • Small Personal Electronics (calculators, digital cameras, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.)
  • Batteries (alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries)


Battery Recycling

Since October 2012, the MSC has shipped 5 full buckets of batteries. At 48-50 pounds per bucket, that's 240-250 pounds of batteries that are NOT in the landfill and have been properly recycled.

Battery Recycling

Plastic Recycling

The plastic lab located in Jarvis Hall Technology Wing 170 has been recycling their plastic since 2012 through Maine Plastics out of Zion, Illinois.

Plastic Recycling Bins Plastic Recycling

Recycling System Administrative Procedure

An administrative procedure was drafted regarding recycling on campus, Recycling on UW-Stout Campus, that was effective October 26, 2012. Click on the link to access Administrative Procedure 047.