Summer Session 2017

Start Planning Now for Summer 2017

Summer course search is available on Access Stout. UW-Stout Students can follow these helpful step-by-step guides to view your enrollment date and search for courses.

New Students can search classes by selecting "Search for classes" on Access Stout. For additional help finding Summer classes, please use our Class Search Walkthrough guide.

New - Non-Degree Seeking Students

For new non-degree seeking students who are not continuing on to the next term, a Summer Session Registration Form must be filled out online and submitted. Once the Summer Session Registration form has been received and processed, a letter will be sent out with further instructions for completing the Fee Payment Agreement, which is required before registration can begin.

After completing your Fee Payment Agreement, follow these helpful step-by-step guides to view your enrollment date and search for courses. For additional help finding Summer classes, please use our Class Search Walkthrough guide.

Degree Seeking Students

Degree seeking students who are new & admitted for Fall 2017 and want to take a summer course, should contact Admissions to backdate/change their admit term to summer.  A summer session registration form does not need to be submitted for degree seeking students.     

High School Students

High school special (non-degree) students must have their application for admission signed by one parent or guardian and a high school guidance counselor or principal. Transcript and fee are not required.

If a course you are registering for requires a prerequisite you completed at an institution other than UW-Stout, then you must forward an official transcript to UW-Stout Admissions Office to confirm completion of the prerequisite.

Credit Transfer Wizard

Summer Session credits can transfer to any University of Wisconsin school. To see how your credits will transfer, visit:

NOTE: All Students will be charged a fee of $15 for dropping any class after the initial online no penalty drop period. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online.

Summer Courses

ANTH 220 Cultural Anthropology (Online)

ART 217 Printmaking I (Campus)

ARTH 222 Introduction to Art (Online)

ARTH 223 Survey of Art I (Online)

ANTH 224 Survey of Art II (Online)

ARTH 319 History of Design (Online)

BUACT 206 Intro to Fin Acct (Online)

BUACT 206 Internat Bus (CI)

BUACT 207 Corp/Mangl Acct (Online)

BUFIN 340 Business Finance (CI)

BUINB 260 Internat Bus (Online)

BULGL 318 Bus Law I (Online)

BULGL 319 Bus Law II (Online)

BUMGT 235 Management Ethics (Online)

BUMGT 304 Principles of Man (Online)

BUMGT 490 Strategic Mgmt/Bus Pol (CI)

BUMGT 498 Bus Admin (Field Exp)

BUMIS 333 MIS (On Campus)


BUMKG 330 Principles of Marketing (Online)

BUMKG 330 Principles of Marketing (CI)

BUMKG 350 Digital Marketing (Online)

BURTL 425 Current Retail Strat (Online)

BURTL 419 Natl Study Tour (Field Exp)

BURTL 390 Merch Planning (Online)

BURTL 399 Independent Study

CNIT 300/500 Voice Mail and Unified Messaging (On Campus)

CNIT 330/530 IP Telephony Design and Implementation (On Campus)

CNIT 383/583 Introduction to Network Security (On Campus)

COMST 312 Inter-cultural Communications (Online)

COUN 405 Introduction to Basic Counseling Skills

COUN 724 Adolescent Substance Abuse

COUN 750 Counseling Theory

COUN 720 Psychopharmacology

COUN 447/647 Eating Disorders

COUN 721 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Programs

COUN 745 Treating Personality Disorders

COUN 752 Group Dynamics

COUN 793 Practicum

COUN 794 Internship

CS 145 Computer Science II

CS 244 Data Structures

CS 248 Web and Internet Programming

CS 443 Database Systems Manipulation and Design

CTE 921 Qualit & Mixed Research (Hybrid)

CTE 746 Leading & Managing (Online)

CTE 405 Methods of Teaching Career/Tec (On Campus)

CTE 799 Independent Study

CTE 912 Education Policy and Leadership Lecture (Hybrid)

CTE 370 Instructional Technology (Hybrid)

CTE 570 Instructional Technology (Hybrid)

CTE 360 Coordinating Work-Based Learn Discussion (Online)

CTE 560 Coordinating Work-Based Learn Discussion (Online)

CTE 720 Policy and Legal Issues in CTE (Online)

CTE 408 Student Teaching in CTE (Arranged)

CTE 784 Intern - Local Voc Ed Coor (Arranged)

CTE 797 Field Experience (Arranged)

CTE 798 Field Experience(Arranged)

CTE 370 Instructional Technology (Online)

CTE 570 Instructional Technology (Online)

CTE 735 Problems in Career/Technical Ed (Arranged)

CTE 736 Problems in Career/Technical Ed (Arranged)

CTE 737 Problems in Career/Technical Ed  (Arranged)

CTE 895 Field Study (Arranged)

DES 205 Design, Drawing and Concept Design (Campus)

DES 220 Introduction to 2D Digital Imaging (Online)

DES 375 Digital Cinema Studio (CI - Campus)

ECE 480 Pre-Student Teaching: Infant - Preschool (Arranged)

ECON 210 Macro Economics (Online & On Campus (if fills))

ECON 215 Micro Economics (Online)

EDPSY 730 Advanced Psyc of Learning (CI)

EDUC 310 Middle Child Science (Online)

EDUC 311 Middle Child Mathematics (Online)

EDUC 511 Middle Child Mathematics (Online)

EDUC 320 Racism and Colonialism (Arranged)

EDUC 330 Multiculturalism (Arranged)

EDUC 401 Global Education Practicum (Arranged)

EDUC 402 Global Perspectives - Educators Discussion (Arranged)

EDUC 530 Multiculturalism (Arranged)

EDUC 601 Global Education Practicum (Online)

EDUC 415 Classroom Management (Online)

EDUC 641 Mobile Learning (Online)

EDUC 645 Positive Behavior Intervention & Support (Online)

EDUC 647 Teaching Students with Autism Discussion (Online)

EDUC 655 Strat: Disruptive Behavior (Online)

EDUC 659 Methods: Middle School Math (Online)

EDUC 660 Creativity and Innovation (Online)

EDUC 661 Trends, Issues PK-5 Math Teaching Discussion (Online)

EDUC 662 Leadership for Math Spec.  (Online)

EDUC 760 E-Learning for Educators (Online)

EDUC 761 Collab Communities in E-Learning (Online)

EDUC 762 Assessment in E-Learning (Online)

EDUC 763 Instruction Design: E-Learning (Online)

EDUC 765 Trends and Issues in Instr. Des. (Online)

EDUC 766 Instruc Strat & Assessment Methods Discussion (Online)

EDUC 767 Designing Computer-Based Training Discussion (Online)

EDUC 768 Project Management for Instructor Development  (Online)

EDUC 764 E-Learning Practicum (Online)

EDUC 330 Multiculturalism (Campus)

EDUC 446 Games for Learn and Assessment (Online)

EDUC 530 Multiculturalism  (Campus)

EDUC 646 Games for Learn and Assessment (Online)

EDUC 403 Ed Psyc of the Adult Learner (Campus)

EDUC 648 Math Assessment for RTI (Online)

EDUC 651 Project-based Learning (Online)

EDUC 326 Foundations of Education (Arranged)

EDUC 330 Multiculturalism (Arranged)

EDUC 376 Cross-Cultural  (Arranged)

EDUC 499 Independent Study (Arranged)

EDUC 530 Multiculturalism (Arranged)

EDUC 576 Cross-Cultural  (Arranged)

EDUC 726 Administration (Online)

EDUC 727 Supervision of Student Teachers (Online)

EDUC 750 Curriculum Theory and Practice (Online)

EDUC 790 Professional Portfolio Development (Online)

ENGL 101 Composition 1 (Online)

ENGL 102 Composition 2 (Online)

ENGL 245 Creative Writing (Online)

ENGL 247 Critical Writing (Online)

ENGL 320 Business Writing (Online)

ENGL 320 Business Writing (On Campus)

ENGL 410 Scientific Communication (Online)

FCSE 330 Apparel Construction in FCSE (Independent)

FCSE 335 Teaching Textiles in FCSE (Online)

FCSE 380 Consumer Economics (Online)

FCSE 530 Apparel Construction in FCSE (Online)

FCSE 535 Teaching Textiles in FCS (Online)

FCSE 580 Consumer Economics (Online)

FCSE 497 Field Experience in FCSE (Arranged)

FCSE 499 Independent Study (Arranged)

GEM 349/900 Cooperative Education Experience (CI Online)

GEM 449/900 Cooperative Education Experience (CI Online)

GEM 349 Cooperative Education Experience (Online)

GEM 449 Cooperative Education Experience (Online)

GEOG 104 World Geography (Online - Campus (if fills))

HDFS 255 Lifespan Human Development (Campus)

HDFS 352 Sexual and Gender Identities in Families and Society (Campus)

HDFS 491 Internship: HDFS (Campus)

HDFS 742 Lifespan Family And Human Development Seminar (Campus)

HDFS 101 Intro To HDFS (CI)

HDFS 257 Lifespan Sexuality (CI)

HDFS 270 Seminar On Self-Growth (CI)

HDFS 365  Family Resource Management (CI)

HDFS 450 Family Policy (CI)

HDFS 491 Internship: HDFS (CI)

HDFS 742 Lifespan Family & Human Dev (CI)

HDFS 730 Advanced Human Sexuality (CI)

HDFS 731 Sexual and Gender Diversity (CI)

HIST 120 Early US History (Online)

HIST 121 Modern US History (Online & On-campus (if fills))

HIST 130 Greeks, Romans, and Barbarians (Online)

HIST 210 Modern World History (Online)

HLTED 360/560 Personal Health and Fitness 

HLTED 375/575 Methods in Health Education (Online)

HLTED 376/576 Organiz & Admin of Health Ed (Online)

HT 150 Institutional Food Purchasing (Online)

HT 330 Resort Planning and Operation (Online)

HT 374 Princ of Timeshare Management (Online)

HT 450 Food Service Administration (Online)

HT 460 Hosp Ind Law/Liab (Online)

HT 349 Co-Op Ed Exp (Online)

HT 351 Hosp Conv/Mtg Planning (Online)

HT 360 Tourism for Persons with Disablities (Online)

HT 423 Wine and Food Pairing  Abroad

HT 449 Co-Op Ed Exp (Online)

HWF 398 Field Experience in HWF (Online)

HWF 498 Adv Field Exp in HWF 

HWF 405 Wellness Prom & Programming 

ICT 103 Information and Communication Technologies (Online)

ICT 215 Cybertechnology Ethics (Online)

ICT 309 Collaborative Computing (Online)

ICT 700 Introduction to ITC (Online)

ICT 732 Technology Futures (Online)

ICT 780 ITC Portfolio (Online)

INMGT 100 Introduction to Management (Online)

INMGT 200 Product & Operations Mgmt (Online)

INMGT 300 Engineering Economy (Online)

INMGT 320/520 Quality Tools (Online)

INMGT 325/525 Quality Management (Online)

INMGT 400/600 Organizational Leadership (Online)

INMGT 410 Six Sigma (Online)

INMGT 610 Six Sigma (Online)

INMGT 425 Planned Experimentation (Online)

INMGT 625 Planned Experimentation (Online)

INMGT 440 Lean Enterprise (Online)

INMGT 640 Lean Enterprise (Online)

INMGT 365/565 Project Management (Online)

INMGT 700 Org Research Methods (Online)

INMGT 750 Organizational Development (Online)

INMGT 765 Program Management (Online)

LIT 273 Multicultural American Literature (Online)

LIT 308 Alice Walker: Beyond Purple (Online)

MATH 110 Intermediate Algebra 

MATH 118 Concepts of Mathematics 

MATH 120 Intro College Math I 

MATH 121 Intro College Math II 

MATH 123 Finite Math With App 

MATH 153 Calculus I 

MBE 413 Advanced Business Ed Methods (Hybrid)

MBE 499 Independent Study (Arranged)

MBE 613 Advanced Business Ed Methods (Hybrid)

MBE 349 Co-op Ed Exp (Arranged)

MBE 449 Co-op Ed Exp (Arranged)

MFT 732 Sexual Attitudes Reassessment (CI)

MFT 733 Advanced Sex Therapy (CI)

MFT 793 Couple Family Therapy Pract I (CI)

MUSIC 132 Music in Our World (Online)

PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy (Online)

PHIL 235 General Ethics (Online)

PM 349 Co-Op Ed Exp (Online)

PM 449 Co-Op Ed Exp (Online)

POLS 210 American Government (Online)

POLS 250 Race, Politics, and Technology (Online)

PSYC 110 Gen Psy

PSYC 190 Psyc Res Methods

PSYC 251 Child Psy

PSYC 298 Field Experience

PSYC 320 / 520 Psyc: Its History & Systems

PSYC 333 Drugs & The Brain

PSYC 361 / 561 ABN Psy

PSYC 372 Sex & Gender

PSYC 382 / 582 HRM

PSYC 398 Field Experience

PSYC 403 / 603 Employee Rewards

PSYC 485 / 685 Recruit & Select

PSYC 498 Field Experience

PSYC 570 Interpersonal Effectiveness (Hybrid)

PSYC 793 Psychometrics (Hybrid)

RDGED 382 Content Area Reading (Online)

RDGED 582 Content Area Reading (Online)

RDGED 701 Developmental Reading K-12 (Online)

RDGED 702 Reading: Content Areas K-12 (Online)

RDGED 703 Children's Lit in Reading Program (Online)

RDGED 704 Young Adult Lit in Reading Program (Online)

RDGED 705 Inst. Techniques: Difficulties (Online)

RDGED 706 Assessment, Evaluation of Language and Reading (Online)

RDGED 707 Reading Teacher Practicum (Online)

RDGED 414 Literacy Instruction (Online)

RDGED 614 Literacy Instruction (Online)

REHAB 470/670 Work Adjustment  

REHAB 333 Adolescent Substance Use and Abuse

REHAB 320/520 Rehabilitation and Chemical Dependency

REHAB 480 Advanced Rehabilitation Practicum

REHAB 398 Rehabilitation Practicum 

REHAB 708 Practicum in Rehabilitation Counseling (Online)

REHAB 704 Pre-Practicum in Rehabilitation (Online)

REHAB 715 Research in Rehabilitation and Counseling (Online)

SCOUN 705 Play Therapy (Campus)

SCOUN 730 Advising the Student Athlete (Online)

SCOUN 733 Lifespan Career Development (CI - Online)

SCOUN  301/501 Introduction to Guidance (CI)

SCOUN/SPED 447/647 Emotional Behavior Prob Child & Adol (Online)

SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology (Online)

SOC 225 Social Problems (Online)

SOC 291 Sociology of Health and Illness (Online)

SOCWK XXX (CI - Online)

SPED 300/500 Intro to Indiv w/ Cognitive (Online)

SPED 301/501 Learning Disabilities (Online)

SPED 305/505 Intro to ECSE (Online)

SPED 315/515 ECSE Org & Implementation (Online)

SPED 430/630 Inclusion of Students With Exceptional Needs (Online - CI - Study Abroad)

SPED 447/647 Emotional Behavior Prob Child & Adol (CI)

SPED 472/672 Foundation of Autism (CI)

SPED 473/673 Behavior Intervention (CI)

SPSY 753A School Coun Assessment (Lab Campus)

SPSY 753 Psychom Theory & Application (Campus)

SPSY 710EC Assessment & Intervention (Campus)

STAT 130  Elementary Statistics

THEA 232 Theatre in Our World (Online)

WGS 210 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (Online)

Additional Information

University Housing

Information about Summer housing availability can be found on the Summer Housing tab on the Housing Apply web page.

Campus Card

University of Wisconsin-Stout transitioned to a new photo ID card starting Fall 2015. The University of Wisconsin-Stout BlueCard replaced our existing Stout OneCard which was issued by Higher One. The new BlueCard is an instant-issue photo ID card with all of the same on-campus functionality. Any students or employees who have not received their new BlueCard may pick up their card at the Campus Card Office, 110 Price Commons.


Textbooks and other required resources for your classes are available for loan at Instructional Resources Service (IRS) located on the west side, second floor, of the Library Learning Center. More information regarding textbook rental can be found on the Instructional Resource Services/Textbooks website.

On Campus Childcare

The Child and Family Study Center offers programming for children ages six weeks through six years. The Child and Family Study Center will be open from June to August, and has several available programs. More information can be found on the Child and Family Study Center website.

Parking Permit

Summer parking permits are available through the Parking Services office. Students can stop in the Parking Office to purchase the permit. If they are unable to stop in, call Parking Services and someone in that office can take payment over the phone and mail the permit.