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Research Services
152 Vocational Rehabilitation Building

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Traditional Professional Development Grants
October 1, 2015; March 1, 2016
Faculty Research Initiative
November 1, 2016
Student Grants
September 25, 2015; February 5, 2016; April 28, 2016


Eastern Washington University , Spokane
April 16-18, 2015
(Poster Printing Deadline: 3/25/15)

Posters in the Rotunda
Madison, WI
April 22, 2015
(Poster Printing Deadline: 3/31/15)

UW System Symposium for Undergraduate Research
April 24, 2015
(Poster Printing Deadline: 4/3/15)

UW-Stout Research Day
MSC Great Hall and Ballrooms
April 28, 2015
(Poster Printing Deadline: 4/7/15)

Do you know that all international agreements come through Research Services? Did you know that ALL GRANTS get approved through Research Services? Did you know that you don’t have university authority to sign agreements? (come to RS to find out who does!!)
Did you know that Research Services does your project budgets for you (with your input!) Did you know that Research Services has a graduate student that does funding searches for faculty and staff at UW-Stout?
Student Research

Funding Information

  • Related to State Budget Issues: as of 1/29/15, UW-Stout requires completion of the Travel Approval form for any travel funded by internal funds (i.e. Professional Development, Just-in-Time, Faculty Research Initiative (FRI), Faculty Start-up). Place the name of the program funding the travel in the "Purpose of Trip" box on the form. Questions can be directed to Research Services at extension 1126 or Sue Foxwell at extension 2477.

  • Proposal Assistance and Budget Development: we assist in all areas of proposal and budget development, including editing and preparation of required forms.

  • Submission of proposals via the method required by the funding agency