Spring 2015 Information 

Advisement Day is Wednesday, October 22. Campus based students please visit the Advisement Center to determine if you have a mandatory meeting with advisors in your program area. Distance based learners should consult with their program directors regarding advising for future courses. 

Registration Dates

Graduate Students - October 23rd, 24th, and 27th
Seniors - October 28th - 31st 
Juniors - November 3rd - 7th
Sophomores - November 10th - 14th
Freshman - November 17th - 25th 
Open Registration - November 26th

Your enrollment appointment is available in AccessStout and is based on your academic level (graduate or undergraduate) and your credit hours earned to date. If you need any help finding your enrollment appointment, or enrolling for courses follow either of these helpful step by step guides. 

WinTerM 2015 Information 


Registration for the upcoming WinTerM sessions starts on October 17th. Your enrollment appointment for WinTerM can be found on AccessStout.
If you are not currently a student at UW-Stout but wish to enroll for the WinTerM 2015 session please fill out the WinTerM Application
More information about housing, parking, and classes is available on the WinTerM website.


Apply to Graduate! 

All students who wish to graduate this Fall Semester must send in their applications by September 19th 2014.


Late Drop Fee

effective summer 2012 students will be charged a fee of 15 dollars for dropping any class after the "Drop - Retain Record" deadline date. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online. 

Note: Students who drop after the 100% refund period may have tuition refunded per Student Business Services guidelines 

More information about add/drop dates, fees, waitlisting, and WU / W grades is also available.