Summer 2017 Information

Registration for Summer 2017 begins March 8th at 7 am for graduate students. Undergraduate students can begin to enroll on March 8th at 11 am, which will then be open until March 10th. Open registration for everyone begins March 11th. To view your enrollment date or search for courses follow these helpful step by step guides. If you would like more information for summer 2017, you can find it here.

**The maximum credit load to register for summer is 12 credits for undergraduate students and 10 credits for graduate students. Requests for an exception in special circumstances must be approved by the appropriate program director. Due to the compressed summer schedule of instruction, it is recommended that at most one credit per week be taken during the session(s) for which the student is enrolled. Students may not register for classes that conflict with other class(es) on their schedule. The program directors signature (if approved) must accompany the registration.

Students who register for more than the above limits with written approval and find they cannot carry the added courses will be responsible for all course fees incurred unless the course is dropped within the refund period.

Spring 2017 Information 

Semester Classes

Last Day to Add
Classes Online

Last Day to Drop
Classes Online

Regular Session


Quarter Classes

 Last Day to Add Classes Online

 Last Day to Drop Classes Online

3rd Quarter Classes
4th Quarter Classes

**Adds after the session begins or drops seven days after a quarter class begins require a Program Card returned to the Registration & Records office to process.  Students not on campus or distance education students can complete this process by email.  Click here for details.  

Non Standard Classes

Courses may be added or dropped online up until the day before the class starts.  Students will need to use a Program Card after the course start date for add or drops to be processed by the Registration & Records office.  


**In order to add courses online they must be open, pre-requisites satisfied, and instructor consent not required.  


You may drop all of your courses before the first day of classes this spring term; however, if you wish to drop all spring courses after the term begins on Monday, January 23 2017, you will need to withdraw from the university. Visit Student Services for more information about withdrawing from the University.


Apply to Graduate! 

Students who wish to graduate in May 2017 should apply for graduation by March 31, 2017 to be listed in the commencement book.  

Late Drop Fee

Effective summer 2012 students will be charged a fee of 15 dollars for dropping any class after the "Drop - Retain Record" deadline date. Follow this step by step guide to locate deadlines for dropping courses online

Note: Students who drop after the 100% refund period may have tuition refunded per Student Business Services guidelines 

More information about add/drop dates, fees, waitlisting, and WU / W grades is also available.